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Decorative fence panels create a beautiful backdrop for your borders or entertainment areas. Not only are they attractive, but the majority of our decorative fence panels for sale are pressure treated for impressive 15 year guarantees against rot - without the need for retreatment. Beauty and brawn combined. 


We also have grey decorative fence panels, which are dip treated, these require annual maintenance and have a 10 year guarantee. Our range of high quality panels includes convex panels, trellis top panels and slatted fence panels - there is a perfect decorative garden fence panel for every boundary.


Are you looking for detailed advice about buying decorative fence panels? If so, our fencing buying guide is an essential read. Decision two discusses traditional or contemporary fencing options. Free delivery from 3 days is available for most UK locations unless your order is under £100 for fencing or decking.

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An introduction to decorative garden panels

So, you are looking to invest in garden fencing, but you do not want a standard design? Well, we are here to help! Decorative garden panels are like the secret recipe to turn your fencing from “drab” to “amazing”.

We have numerous decorative garden fencing options too! Whether you prefer a lattice fence or maybe just a fence topper, we have all the options you need. A good example of what is available is the Forest 6x6 Pressure Treated Europa Hamburg Decorative Garden Screen Panel. Buy this as the crown jewel of your garden décor.

10 reasons to buy decorative fencing

If you are looking for ten rock-solid reasons, to buy decorative garden panels the list below will help:

  1. Customisation options - paint them, stain them, customise them to your preference
  2. Durable – tied into weather-resistance, these panels will not let you down and will last for many years
  3. Easy installation - no major DIY skills are needed, they are easy to set up
  4. Eye-catching elegance – buy these and add a visual appeal to your garden
  5. Minimal maintenance – only occasional easy TLC is needed to keep them looking fabulous
  6. Plant paradise – they offer support for climbing plants, such as ivy, roses, clematis, wisteria, etc.
  7. Privacy + - keep prying neighbours’ eyes away, but add decorative fence panel style too
  8. Raised property value – decorative fencing will boost your home's curb appeal and property valuation
  9. Security – helps to ensure your space is safe, but also stylish
  10. Weather resistance - they take on the elements whilst still looking great

Wooden vs metal decorative fence panels: a comparison

We do not sell metal decorative fence panels at Buy Fencing Direct. For interest and information though, below is a comparative twelve features list comparing metal to wood for decorative garden fence panels:







Aesthetic appeal

Both natural and rustic appearance with this decorative garden fencing

Modern and contemporary look



Often a lower cost upfront

May have a higher initial cost



Easily painted, stained, or customised

Limited colour options, often powder-coated



Naturally durable with regular maintenance and when treated

Highly durable and weather-resistant


Environmental impact

Sourced from renewable forests

Often made from recycled materials



Typically, easier for DIY projects

May require professional installation



Can last for decades with care

Extremely durable and long-lasting



Requires regular staining, painting, and annual treatment (if dip treated)

Low maintenance, occasional cleaning



Offers better privacy than metal

Provides less privacy due to open patterns


Resilience to pests

Susceptible to termites and decay, unless pressure treated

Resistant to pests and fungal decay, which do not penetrate metal



Provides security with a sturdy build

Offers security while maintaining visibility



Heavier, may require strong supports

Lighter and easier to handle


Sizes of decorative garden fence panels available

When choosing sizes, we have all the popular options on the UK market. Our decorative garden fence panels are available in a range of options to fit your space perfectly. Choose from 6'x3', 6'x4', 6'x5', or our largest size 6'x6'. Whether you are working with a small patio or sprawling garden, there is a size that is perfect for you.

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