a wooden garden fence with a trellis fence topper in front of a garden border full of green and white plants

Many people choose to make their fence taller for various practical reasons. Most want to heighten fences for privacy; they either want to have freedom to use their garden without neighbours looking in, or so as not to see their neighbour's house or garden. Taller fences can provide shade from the sun, they can hide an eyesore such as a garage or old shed, and higher fences lead to improved security. Higher fences can also offer increased safety for exercising dogs and for children playing. Here we provide some steps you can take to make your fence taller to meet your specific requirements.

First questions to ask when making your fence taller:

What is your problem?

The first step is deciding what your problem is: Why do you need a taller fence? Is it for privacy? For security? This sounds obvious but knowing will you help find the best solution to that specific issue.

What is your budget?

You then need to think about your budget. Different options range from cheaper fence heightening to more expensive fence raising methods. You may prefer a more picturesque taller fence or a plain and practical one. 

How much extra height do you need?

Measure your fence, and figure out how much taller you want your fence to be. Remember that there are laws about the height of a fence. 

Check out our blog How Tall Can My Fence Be? if you are not sure.


Methods for making your fence taller:

Adding Trellis

One of the most popular ways to add height to a fence is to add trellis. 

A fence topper is an easy choice as it is specifically designed to sit atop your current fence. Most fence toppers are 1ft or 2ft pieces of trellis measuring 6ft in length to fit the whole width of the fence.

You can of course choose to buy small trellis panels that aren't officially called "fence toppers". Just make sure they are sturdy and fully framed.

One of the key benefits of using trellis above your fence is that it continues to allow light through.

You can find our most popular fence topper here.

Or explore all our trellis panels here.


Living Fences

A living fence or screen is when plants are used to create screening or, as in this case, create height to a boundary.

The living fence, can have many benefits: they can look and smell good and provide much valued privacy and shade.

There are many amazing varieties of plants that are suitable for living fences, such as climbing plants and vines. There are prickly plants that are not so popular with would-be thieves, which can offer increased security. Some plants grow much quicker than others, thus giving you a living screen in quite a short space of time.

There are prickly plants that are not so popular with would-be thieves, which can offer increased security.

If not adding trellis to support plants, you can provide poles or wires to train the climbing plants around.

The other option is to grow a hedge alongside your fence. This can create not just a tall fence but also a thicker fence. This will not only help block out the neighbours but make it a bit quieter too.

You can also plant a row of trees such as poplars, to generate height and shade. Although you will need to maintain these, they provide another helpful possibility. 


DIY and Bespoke Fences

Whether you want to ‘do-it-yourself’ or get a company in to do the work, there are several options to make short fences taller. There are different things that you can add on to your fence: chain link fencing, metal railings


We have a fantastic selection of taller fence panels available; click here to view our 6ft high range. Below are three of our bestsellers; simply click on them for furhter information:

a dip treated lap fence panel with three vertical support battens against a white background a contemporary, double sided fence panel in situ a dome topped pressure treated featheredge fence panel against a white background

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