How to Attach Garden Trellis to a Fence Panel or Wall

The Benefits of Garden Trellis

Trellis, also known as lattice, not only looks attractive in its own right, it is also the perfect way to train climbers.

This means that you can create a uniquely beautiful garden fence or add interest to an otherwise unremarkable brick wall.

Trellis is a wonderful way to enhance your garden and, if you erect it correctly, you can enjoy its benefits for many years to come.

The 5'11x3'11 Hidcote Decorative Diamond Wooden Lattice Trellis, fixed to a brick wall, with shrubs in the foreground.The Forest 6x1'5 Arch Trellis Fence Panel Topper, positioned on top of a wooden fence.

The Forest 6x1 Diamond Lattice Trellis Fence Topper, positioned on top of a wooden fence panel.

Trellis Fence Toppers

Trellis toppers not only make your garden fence look more appealing, they also help you improve your garden's privacy by increasing the height of your fence run.

How to Attach A Trellis Fence Topper

Adding a trellis topper to a fence panel is a relatively simple job as long as you remember the following key points:

Check Your Fence Panels and Tools Before You Start

Quality fence panels are of paramount importance to the success of this project.

If a fence panel warps and bends when you pick it up, chances are it is too flimsy for the job, so a sturdy panel is essential.

Galvanised screws or nails are also vital in order to prevent rust from ruining the panels' appearance.   

It's Easier with Two

You can complete the job by yourself but it's much easier when you get a friend to hold everything steady whilst you fix the battens and then the trellis.

Your friend can also reach for the elusive spirit level as it falls just out of reach at that all-important moment.

The Forest 6x3 Double Slatted Diamond Lattice fixed to a wall, with shrubs in the foreground.

Wall Trellis

How to Attach Trellis Panels to A Wall

Use Wooden Battens

Fix the battens to the wall using plugs and screws. This creates a strong framework on which to fix the wall trellis.

The most important benefit of the battens is that they hold the trellis away from the wall. This gap can be utilised by your climbers.

Without the gap, there won't be sufficient space and the plants will simply flop forwards.

The gap also allows air to circulate, preventing fungal infections.

Choose the Right Battens

Ideally, the size of each batten shouldn't be wider than the wood used in the trellis – this means that the battens will be hidden from view.

Fix a batten at each end of the trellis and, if the trellis is large, place one across the middle, horizontally.

Choose wooden battens that are pressure-treated. They come with a long guarantee against rot and will save you the tricky job of having to replace them after a few years.

Consider the Size of the Fully-Grown Climber

A newly-planted climber is usually small and therefore lightweight. It is unlikely to do any damage.

However, a fully-grown rose or wisteria can pull away poorly-fixed trellis from a wall or destroy poor-quality wood.

Therefore, always choose high-quality trellis from a trusted supplier, such as Buy Fencing Direct.

Trellis Fence Panels

Remember, we don't just stock trellis toppers and wall trellis.

We love all garden trellis and stock a superb full range of trellis fencing.

The Forest 5'11x5'11 Harrow Decorative Wooden Trellis Fence Panel, with trees in the background and plants and a lawn in the foreground.The Forest Paloma 3x6 Decorative Pressure Treated Garden Gate, with Paloma fence panels either side, opening to reveal a field and trees.

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