Climbing Plants for Your Trellis

Garden Trellis and Climbing Plants – A Match Made in Heaven

A plant climbing up trellis is one of the most beautiful sights in the garden. It is a wonderful example of how a manmade object can help nature flourish.

Garden trellis (also known as lattice) often features on fence panels, arbours, arches and screens. Whilst it looks pretty in its own right, once adorned with climbing plants it becomes spectacular.

If you’d like some ideas about the best plants to use with garden lattice then please read on.

Popular Climbing Plants for Trellis

Purple clematis growing up white lattice



Clematis can be a versatile climber and is very easy to grow.

The main varieties produce an abundance of blue, pink, purple or white flowers, with scope for interest the whole year round.

For the best results, plant in sun or partial shade, during spring or early autumn.

Then prune annually.

Pink roses growing up a trellis fence



Climbing roses are another versatile climbing plant.

They are extremely popular due to the huge variety of colours available and their wonderful scent.

Grow in fertile soil, with sun or partial shade, then water generously throughout the summer.

Shrub roses are a particularly good choice for lattice obelisks.

A wisteria's white and purple flowers



A wonderful choice for a trellis arch or pergola, wisteria is an energetic climber, which can send out shoots up to 2 metres long in a single season.

Best planted in spring or autumn, wisteria loves full sun.

Water well, prune in January and July, then you’ll enjoy fragrant, springtime flowers, year after year.

Yellow star jasmine flowers growing against a wall


Star Jasmine

Star jasmine is an elegant, evergreen climbing plant, which produces dazzling, fragrant white flowers throughout the summer months.

The lush, green foliage turns to bronze in autumn, adding further interest.

Star jasmine is an excellent choice for wall trellis, so long as it enjoys a sunny aspect.

Once flowering has finished, be sure to prune.

Honeysuckle growing on trellis



Climbing honeysuckle is easy to grow, comes in a beautiful range of colours and is perfect for a cottage garden feel.

Honeysuckle’s main requirement is room to grow.

Plant in partial shade, prune annually and you will enjoy stunning summer blooms, followed by autumn berries.

Tomatoes on the vine


Growing Fruit and Vegetables Up Trellis

This is known as vertical gardening and provides a number of benefits.

Firstly, less space is required.

Secondly, your gardening won’t be as labour intensive.

Also, the plants have more air circulating around them, which makes them less prone to disease. This provides you with a more fruitful harvest.

Tomatoes, peas, cucumbers and pumpkins are amongst the huge range of fruit and vegetables that are well suited to vertical gardening.

Garden Trellis for Sale

Here at Buy Fencing Direct, we love garden trellis, especially when it’s adorned with climbing plants.

Why not take a look at a few of our favourite products?

A decorative fan wall trellis and a green climbing plant


Forest 2x6 Heavy Duty High Decorative Fan Wall Trellis

This wall trellis is a wonderful way to support star jasmine.

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A wooden garden obelisk with purple flowers climbing up trellis sides


Forest Pressure Treated Garden Obelisk Trellis 1.8m

Built from pressure-treated wood and supplied with a superb 15-year guarantee, this lattice obelisk makes an exceptionally attractive garden feature.

Adorn it with shrub rose and you’ll have something very special indeed.

A run of diamond trellis fence panels with curved tops


Forest Hamburg 5’11x5’11 Diamond Trellis Fence Panel

With its beautifully curved top and smooth-planed, chamfered battens, this lattice panel enjoys an eye-catching appearance.

Once paired with clematis, it looks sensational.

The wood is pressure-treated to guard against rot and supplied with a superb 15-year guarantee.

If you like what you see, select your own support for climbers from our superb range of trellis products.


Main image: bougainvillea