Technical Guides

  1. Fence Installation Guide: How to Install a Fence Post and Put Up Your Garden Fencing Panels [UPDATED]

    a run of decorative fence panels

    We are asked often about “How to install a fence post”. Read on as we provide a step-by-step guide about all you will need for successful fence post installation...

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  2. Guide to Fence Post Repair: Replacing or Fixing a Rotten Fence Post [UPDATED]

    a fencing run that is in no need of fence post repair

    Putting up fencing for yourself is a rewarding process and is easier than you think. But from time to time, fence post repair will become necessary, we discuss ways to prevent this as well as how to replace a fence post...

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  3. Fencing Extension Ideas Using Toppers & Extenders

    a run of fencing with a fence topper - one of our fence extension ideas

    Do you crave a higher fencing run to provide increased privacy and security in your garden? Here we provide a range of fence extension ideas, which will show you how to make a garden fence higher and keep within the law.

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  4. Can I install a Fence on My Driveway?

    fence on driveway made up of driveway fence panels

    A driveway is the first area that others see when approaching your home. Many people have started focusing on the driveway to add style, privacy and curb appeal. Read on as we discuss what is involved and what is legal when installing a fence on driveways.

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  5. What Fence Height Loopholes Exist in the UK?

    a decorative fence panel

    Planning a new fencing run can be more challenging than you initially think. What are the fence height restrictions, and do you need fence planning permission, for example? Read on to learn more.

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  6. How to Calculate Fence Installation Costs

    a fence run with fence posts - make sure you factor these into your fence installation costs

    What will the fence installation costs be? This is the subject of our latest guide, so read on as we explore all the factors involved to accurately calculate all the expected new fencing costs.

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  7. Mastering Fencing for Windy Areas: Windproof Panels & Guide to Wind-Resistant Fence Design [UPDATED]

    a overlap fence which has fallen over in the wind

    Which fence panels are best for windy areas? Our blog takes you through your options.

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  8. How to Fix a Fence Post in Concrete: Tips for Concreting in Fence Posts [UPDATED]

    Concrete Fence Post and Gravel Boards in a run of Wooden fencing Panels

    Giving your fence additional strength by concreting in fence posts will ensure everything stays in place all year. So, get ready to lay a strong, long-lasting foundation for your fence by following our steps outlining how to fix a fence post in concrete.

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  9. Top 4 Decorative Garden Fence Panels

    Top 4 Decorative Garden Fence Panels
    p>Decorative garden fence panels are enjoying a huge surge in popularity of late. Stylish, high-quality, and eye-catching, it’s no surprise many are opting for these contemporary designs over traditional overlap or featheredge
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  10. Concrete vs Wood Fence Posts - Our Garden Expert's View

    Concrete vs Wood Fence Posts - Our Garden Expert's View

    Concrete Fence Posts or Wood Fence Posts? It's a Dilemma 

    Imagine being an outcast on a desert island. All you can take are eight songs, a book and a luxury.

    Now the songs part is easy, the book simple, but the luxury?

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