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  1. Composite Decking vs Wooden Deck Boards. Which Decking Kit Is Best for My Garden?

    composite decking, wooden deck boards, and a question about which is best

    Discover the pros and cons of both composite and wooden decking boards here, so you can determine which type of decked area is best for your garden…

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  2. Best Fencing for Pets, Dogs & Cats

    a dog in a kennel

    It can be a difficult balance trying to maintain a welcoming outdoor aesthetic while trying to keep your pets safe and secure. In this guide, we will help you find the best pet-friendly fencing for dogs and cats without compromising on style.

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  3. With Garden Products Like These, We Shouldn’t Just Be Famous for Fencing

    a wooden shed, greenhouse, summerhouse and decking kit

    Come and take a whistlestop tour of our website now, so you can see why we should be famous for more than just fencing…

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  4. 6 Super Ways to Get Your Kids Off Their Phones and Into the Garden

    a grandad pushing a boy on a trolley in the garden

    If you want your kids to enjoy the many benefits of spending time in the garden, but you’re struggling to get them interested, here are a few ideas to get you started…

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  5. Top 10 Uses for Small Garden Storage

    4 x 2 Trimetals Green Protect-a-Box Premium Metal Garden Storage

    Small garden storage is invaluable for any outdoor area. Discover 10 uses for it here, then shop some of our best small garden storage for sale.

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  6. Why a Garden Canopy is Perfect for You

    Why a Garden Canopy is Perfect for You

    Garden Canopies Enhance All Homes

    A garden canopy is a wonderful way to transform your outdoor space. Incredibly attractive and remarkably practical, it will give you immense pleasure for many years to come.

    Often referred to

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  7. Garden Decking Designs for You

    Garden Decking Designs for You

    Benefits of Using Garden Decking

    Smart, stylish and usually maintenance-free, garden decking makes a wonderful addition to any outdoor area. Viewed as far more attractive and luxurious than paving, decking is a great way to extend your

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  8. 5 Standout Garden Seats

    Forest Sunflower Arbour Seat

    Garden Furniture Is A Sound Investment

    There are few things in life more enjoyable than soaking up a bit of sunshine, so what better way to celebrate the start of summer than by purchasing some beautiful, new outdoor furniture?

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  9. Garden Storage Reminder - Everything Will Eventually Need Packing Away

    Garden Storage Reminder - Everything Will Eventually Need Packing Away

    Be Prepared for the End of Summer with Garden Storage

    Here at Buy Fencing Direct, we’re loving this summer every bit as much as you are, but we do feel duty-bound

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  10. Top 10 Ideas for Garden Decking

    Top 10 Ideas for Garden Decking

    There aren’t many better ways to transform your garden than with decking boards. Coming in a range of styles, they are suitable for a vast array of innovative garden projects. Let’s take a look at some of the many uses for decking now, in our Top

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