Monthly Archives: February 2017

  1. What is the Best Fence for My Garden?

    What is the Best Fence for My Garden?

    Garden fencing has to both be practical and look great in the garden. And not just any garden – it has to be right for your own particular plot.

    Most fences are used for screening - they might be hiding an ugly view, obscuring the neighbours,

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  2. How to repair a wooden fence

    How to repair a wooden fence

    Every wooden fence has a lifespan and that can, unfortunately, be shortened by a number of factors. If the fence has been damaged by the elements, or an errant football, or has been in constant and direct contact with the soil, things may rot earlier

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  3. Thrive-ing in the garden

    Thrive-ing in the garden

    Last month, we caught up with Neil Wilcox, Information Officer at Thrive, about how gardening can help people from all walks of life build confidence, skills, and relationships. We look at some of the work that Thrive does, how you can get involved, and how

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