Garden Design

  1. Composite Decking vs Wooden Deck Boards. Which Decking Kit Is Best for My Garden?

    composite decking, wooden deck boards, and a question about which is best

    Discover the pros and cons of both composite and wooden decking boards here, so you can determine which type of decked area is best for your garden…

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  2. Britain’s 10 Most Stylish 6ft Decorative Fence Panels for 2024

    Forest 6x6 Contemporary Grey Double Slatted Fence Panel

    With spring underway and your flowers starting to bloom, it’s time to create an attractive frame for your garden. Discover our 10 most stylish 6ft decorative fence panels here…

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  3. Garden Fencing Ideas, Decoration and Screening Inspiration [UPDATED]

    a run of decorative pressure treated fence panels - one of our garden fencing ideas

    Our article about garden fencing ideas was originally published on January 23, 2015. Today we have provided updates throughout the article. Read on as we inspire you with our creative patio and garden fencing ideas.

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  4. Fencing Decoration Ideas

    a run of pressure treated fence panels - one of our great fencing decoration ideas

    Do you want to walk out the back door and see your dream green space unfold before your eyes? Read on to find sparks of inspiration, new additions to consider and a whole host of practical hints and tips to decorate your wooden fence!

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  5. Creative Garden Makeover Ideas & Design Tips

    an exquisite garden design that could be inspiration for your garden makeover

    You may be considering a garden makeover. If you are, read on as we discuss a whole range of creative garden makeover ideas that will transform your garden design, adding a WOW factor that will impress family, friends and other visitors alike.

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  6. Garden Privacy Ideas & Best Fences for Privacy

    one of our garden privacy ideas - a 6ft tall fence with a trellis fence topper on top

    If you’re looking for the best garden privacy ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Read on as we discuss the best fences for privacy, including privacy fence topper ideas to neatly raise the height of your fencing.

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  7. How to Treat a Wooden Fence with Paint or Stain? Guide to Treating a Fence [UPDATED]

    a run of dip treated wooden fencing

    What is the best method of treating wooden fences, is the best approach to paint or stain a fence? We provide all the answers you will need.

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  8. With Garden Products Like These, We Shouldn’t Just Be Famous for Fencing

    a wooden shed, greenhouse, summerhouse and decking kit

    Come and take a whistlestop tour of our website now, so you can see why we should be famous for more than just fencing…

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  9. Front Garden Fence Ideas [UPDATED]

    6' x 3' Wooden Pale Picket Fence Panel

    After last summer’s project, your back garden now boasts a magnificent run of fencing. How about your front garden fencing though? A threadbare garden hedge that’s been there for as long as you can remember? Clearly, it is time for an upgrade!

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  10. 5 Stunning Decorative Fence Panels to Transform Your Garden Design

    Forest 6x6 Pressure Treated Contemporary Double Slatted Fence Panels

    We’ve slashed the prices on our decorative fence panels by up to 30%, so there’s never been a better time to transform your garden. Come and take a look at our superb range of decorative fencing now, but hurry…offers this good don’t stop around for long!

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