Gardening Advice

  1. Can I install a Fence on My Driveway?

    fence on driveway made up of driveway fence panels

    A driveway is the first area that others see when approaching your home. Many people have started focusing on the driveway to add style, privacy and curb appeal. Read on as we discuss what is involved and what is legal when installing a fence on driveways.

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  2. Creative Garden Makeover Ideas & Design Tips

    an exquisite garden design that could be inspiration for your garden makeover

    You may be considering a garden makeover. If you are, read on as we discuss a whole range of creative garden makeover ideas that will transform your garden design, adding a WOW factor that will impress family, friends and other visitors alike.

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  3. What Fence Height Loopholes Exist in the UK?

    a decorative fence panel

    Planning a new fencing run can be more challenging than you initially think. What are the fence height restrictions, and do you need fence planning permission, for example? Read on to learn more.

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  4. How to Calculate Fence Installation Costs

    a fence run with fence posts - make sure you factor these into your fence installation costs

    What will the fence installation costs be? This is the subject of our latest guide, so read on as we explore all the factors involved to accurately calculate all the expected new fencing costs.

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  5. Garden Privacy Ideas & Best Fences for Privacy

    one of our garden privacy ideas - a 6ft tall fence with a trellis fence topper on top

    If you’re looking for the best garden privacy ideas, you’ve come to the right place. Read on as we discuss the best fences for privacy, including privacy fence topper ideas to neatly raise the height of your fencing.

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  6. Your Winter Lawn Care Guide

    Your Winter Lawn Care Guide

    Don’t neglect your lawn this winter. Read our winter lawn care guide so that your lawn remains in perfect condition for spring.

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  7. Climbing Plants for Your Trellis

    Climbing Plants for Your Trellis

    Garden Trellis and Climbing Plants – A Match Made in Heaven

    A plant climbing up trellis is one of the most beautiful sights in the garden. It is a wonderful example of how a manmade object can help nature flourish.

    Garden trellis

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  8. Container Gardening - A Guide to Using Planters and Plant Containers

    Forest Agen Wooden Garden Planter 3x1

    Every garden needs a planter and every gardener should know how to be successful at container gardening. Read on to learn more!

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  9. Late Summer in the Greenhouse

    Late Summer in the Greenhouse

    Practical Greenhouse Tips for Late Summer 

    It’s been a scorcher of a summer so far and every plant in your greenhouse has worked hard to thrive and survive. Take some time to get your greenhouse

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  10. How to Make the Most of Your Bedding Plants

    How to Make the Most of Your Bedding Plants

    When you read ‘bedding’ and think of fitted sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers then perhaps you need to check out the haberdashery department. But if bedding conjures up images of containers stuffed with plants in a colour scheme reminiscent of an

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