Monthly Archives: April 2024

  1. Fence Installation Guide: How to Install a Fence Post and Put Up Your Garden Fencing Panels [UPDATED]

    a run of decorative fence panels

    We are asked often about “How to install a fence post”. Read on as we provide a step-by-step guide about all you will need for successful fence post installation...

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  2. Guide to Fence Post Repair: Replacing or Fixing a Rotten Fence Post [UPDATED]

    a fencing run that is in no need of fence post repair

    Putting up fencing for yourself is a rewarding process and is easier than you think. But from time to time, fence post repair will become necessary, we discuss ways to prevent this as well as how to replace a fence post...

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  3. How to Paint a Fence: Tips & Advice [UPDATED]

    using a paintbrush is just one of the things you'll learn in our how to paint a fence guide

    To paint a fence may sound like a long and tedious job but forget slapdash and do it properly – your fence will thank you for it.

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  4. Learn How to Erect a Fence: Complete Guide [UPDATED]

    a run of brown picket fencing

    Have you been wondering How to erect a fence? If so, look no further. Learn about tools, materials, fence styles, fence post considerations, legal & planning permission aspects, neighbourhood etiquette, how to erect a fence on a slope and more!

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  5. Britain’s 10 Most Stylish 6ft Decorative Fence Panels for 2024

    Forest 6x6 Contemporary Grey Double Slatted Fence Panel

    With spring underway and your flowers starting to bloom, it’s time to create an attractive frame for your garden. Discover our 10 most stylish 6ft decorative fence panels here…

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  6. How to Dig a Fence Post Hole: Tools & Expert Tips [UPDATED]

    be sure to dig a fence post hole for your concrete fence post

    From selecting the perfect spot to choosing the ideal depth, every step is crucial in this process. Armed with the best tools and techniques, you are about to embark on a journey that transforms your garden's appearance and functionality.

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  7. Garden Fencing Ideas, Decoration and Screening Inspiration [UPDATED]

    a run of decorative pressure treated fence panels - one of our garden fencing ideas

    Our article about garden fencing ideas was originally published on January 23, 2015. Today we have provided updates throughout the article. Read on as we inspire you with our creative patio and garden fencing ideas.

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  8. Fencing Decoration Ideas

    a run of pressure treated fence panels - one of our great fencing decoration ideas

    Do you want to walk out the back door and see your dream green space unfold before your eyes? Read on to find sparks of inspiration, new additions to consider and a whole host of practical hints and tips to decorate your wooden fence!

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  9. Fencing Extension Ideas Using Toppers & Extenders

    a run of fencing with a fence topper - one of our fence extension ideas

    Do you crave a higher fencing run to provide increased privacy and security in your garden? Here we provide a range of fence extension ideas, which will show you how to make a garden fence higher and keep within the law.

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  10. Can I install a Fence on My Driveway?

    fence on driveway made up of driveway fence panels

    A driveway is the first area that others see when approaching your home. Many people have started focusing on the driveway to add style, privacy and curb appeal. Read on as we discuss what is involved and what is legal when installing a fence on driveways.

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