7 decking accessories for summer

Summer is drawing near and it is time to begin enjoying the warm days after being cooped up all winter. It is the time to make use of outdoor space like a summer terrace or deck, creating great outdoor living space for any number of activities or simply to rest and relax. A deck is typically an elevated area attached to part of the home, usually the back garden, with railings covered with wooden planks. A terrace may be something similar, but not feature railings. Regardless the type of structure, they both may provide outdoor living space where you can eat, entertain, read, or even sleep on a hammock or a daybed. The key to enjoying and maximising the use of this outdoor space is making it attractive and comfortable; making it a place that people want to spend time. So whether you are hosting a garden party, showing off your barbeque skills, or enjoying some well-deserved ‘me-time’, the outdoor space provides great opportunity for family and friends to gather to enjoy the summer and each other. The following decking accessories can be added to create a space that everyone will love.

Garden decking accessories

Dining furniture

Adding stylish outdoor furniture is a sure way to make an outdoor space the central hub for entertaining guests, for socialising, or just for relaxing. When it comes time to shopping for some outdoor furniture begin by looking for some deals on sets of garden furniture. It is often less expensive to purchase sets than it is to purchase tables and then chairs separately. Outdoor dining sets come in many different styles and sizes. Choices will include furniture made from artificial materials that generally do not require maintenance and the natural warmth of wood. The latter only needs a bit of looking after now and again.

Other furniture

Outdoor seating is a requirement for hosting any type of garden party; whether hosting a barbeque or just inviting a few friends for beverages. Elderly guests will especially appreciate a place to sit down as garden parties and other activities may last several hours. Other furniture may include lavish lounging furniture like hand woven rattan both natural and rattan effect, with the durability to last outdoors. There may also be modular pieces that can be purchased to fit into an outdoor space. These are the pieces that will make the outdoor space feel more like a room for living.

Garden storage and furniture covers

Moving outdoors and enjoying the outdoor space includes the use of decking accessories like garden storage furniture to hold and put away various gardening tools or by using garden shelves to save space that may be difficult to find on a balcony or terrace. Garden furniture covers are a great way to protect the investment made when purchasing the outdoor furniture. Make your favourite furniture and outdoor decking accessories last with covers for objects like the parasol, sun loungers, and barbeque. Also think about protecting any wooden items like a bench by re-glazing it on a regular basis. Having garden furniture that is in good shape and is attractive will surely encourage people out-of-doors and onto the deck.

Barbeques and fire pits

Adding a barbeque, gas or charcoal version, is a great way to move a dinner party outdoors and turn it into a garden party. There are portable barbeques that have adjustable legs for different heights and there are gas barbeques with thermometers built in for making that perfectly grilled dinner. An outdoor space can be further enhanced with a barbeque pit, or fire pit. It will add warmth and atmosphere to any outdoor garden area.


Garden parties need not stop after the sun goes down. Not only can outdoor lighting allow a garden party to run into the evening, the lighting is a decking accessory that can really make and outdoor space feel more warm and inviting. There are all sorts of options when it comes to outdoor lighting, ranging from individual decking lights to rope lighting, and tiki torches.

Adding decking tiles

Adding decking tiles to an already existing structure can make the area more inviting, almost like taking the indoors out. It is an affordable way to makeover a range of decking and often relatively easy with tiles that slot into place and are made of weather resistant material.

Finishing touches

Adding fun decorations to the deck are a great way to brighten it up and make it feel more inviting. One way to quickly accomplish this is by using colourful bunting. It can be purchased or made at home by cutting colourful fabric into triangles and then pin the flag shapes along a length of bias binding tape. A straight stitch can be sewed to secure the flags. Another idea for a decorative decking accessory is adding decking rope that is light coloured and will compliment most types of wood decking.