Why a Garden Canopy is Perfect for You

Garden Canopies Enhance All Homes

A garden canopy is a wonderful way to transform your outdoor space. Incredibly attractive and remarkably practical, it will give you immense pleasure for many years to come.

Often referred to as an ‘awning’, a garden canopy is an investment rather than a luxury, and is a rewarding asset.

Let’s take a look at five major benefits of owning a garden awning now.

5 Benefits of a Garden Canopy

A 13x10 brown lean-to garden gazebo covering a decked area.

1. A Garden Awning for Shade and Shelter

Shade is an essential feature of any garden.

Whether you’re admiring your green-fingered handiwork, dining alfresco or relaxing with a book, a garden canopy will ensure you remain out of the glare of a hot summer’s day.

On the other hand, we all know that British summertime is never day after day of unbroken sunshine so, when rain threatens to stop play, a garden awning means you won’t have to head back indoors to keep dry.

A 10x14 white garden canopy covering a table and chairs set.

2. A Patio Canopy to Extend Living Space

When you’re entertaining on a summer’s evening, a patio canopy allows you and your guests to wander seamlessly between the house and garden, making hosting easier and promoting a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

Even if it’s just you and the family, imagine the feeling when you open the French doors and step onto your sheltered patio area for an alfresco lunch.

It doesn’t really matter if the forecast says sunshine or showers because part of your garden is now an extension of your home.  

A 10x18 grey garden canopy covering a table and chairs, situated on a decked area.

3. A Garden Canopy for All-Round Protection

We’re all aware of the dangers of UV-rays when sunbathing, but it can be easy to overlook this when reading, dining or simply chatting with friends. A garden awning limits your exposure to the sun when you’re under its shade.

An awning benefits your prized possessions too.

If your garden furniture or decking isn’t UV-protected then it will quickly age. The flooring and furniture in the room adjacent to your patio or decking will also be protected. A garden canopy prevents discolouration and fading, keeping your valuable items looking their best.

A 10x18 white patio cover providing shade to a table and chairs.

4. A Patio Awning to Save or Even Make Money

A garden canopy is clearly far cheaper than a house extension and, being easy to assemble, won’t leave your home resembling a building site for weeks on end.

Furthermore, on a stiflingly-hot summer day, the sun’s full glare won't penetrate your lounge, so you won’t need to rely on expensive air-conditioning to keep cool.

Perhaps you’re the owner of a café? A patio awning is a superb way to increase your sheltered seating area and markedly increase your revenue in no time.

An 11x10 wall-mountable brown garden canopy.

5. A Garden Canopy to Complement the Home

Looking at these images of patio awnings, we think you’ll agree that they really do add something special to a home’s appearance.

Garden canopies are far from being gaudy. They speak of function and practicality, whilst oozing elegance and understated style.

They represent a significant home improvement, rather than a minor addition to the garden.

Garden Canopies for Sale

A 10x14 curved garden canopy, covering garden seating on a decked area.

Buy Fencing Direct is a specialist in making gardens comfortable, practical and stylish. We believe that garden awnings suit any lifestyle and any home exterior.

Take a moment to view our superb range of garden canopies now and we’re sure you’ll find a canopy that’s perfect for you.

Main image: Palram Sierra