How long can it take for my landlord to fix my fence?

A fence is essential for any garden, creating a divide between the land you own or rent between your neighbours. The fence must be in good condition to maintain a visual appreciation of the garden and allow for safe play for your children/pets. If you have recently moved into a new house which you are renting and the fence is in bad shape, the landlord must fix or replace within a set period of time which we will explore. Similarly, if you have been renting and the fence has finally fell over, it must be replaced.

Landlord damage

Your Lanyard has the responsibility of keeping your home in a fit and safe condition to live in. Therefore, if the fence has perished on its own through no fault of your own, it is then his responsibility to fix it. If the fence has fallen down through harsh weather then the landlord insurance will cover the cost of replacement. If the fence has been left for a long time and has not been maintained then the landlord needs to fix the fence or replace in order to produce a safe environment to live in once more.

Tenant Damage

However if you have damaged the fence or a guest, it then becomes your responsibility to replace the panels that have been damaged. When signing the lease you will find under terms and conditions a section on tenant damage and therefore you are signing and accepting the replacement costs if you are to break such objects in the house or garden. If you then choose the not pay the replacement or repair costs, your landlord can then deduct the cost from the security deposit that you pay when moving in. Each landlord is different and resolutions can be attained very easily in some cases and in other cases, things can get sour. It may even lead to your landlord wanting you to move out in the worst case.


If there is one thing we can advise heavily when it comes to renting is to maintain a good working relationship between you and your landlord so that situations like this can be fixed easily.

How to request repairs

Notify your landlord as soon as possible whether that be in person or by phone. We then suggest you write a dated letter that explains the issue which needs to be fixed and have the landlord sign the paper. If an issue then arises later on you then have back up and paper work which will be beneficial for you.

In the worst situations, if the landlord refuses to replace the fence or fix then you will have to come to a settlement or take it further. Covering the costs of replacement and then deducting those costs from rent is often seen but if this does not work then you can take it to a lawsuit.

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