How to choose between traditional and contemporary garden fence designs

There are so many different fencing designs to choose from, but they mostly fall into two themes:

  1. Traditional Fencing
  2. Contemporary Fencing

Contemporary fencing is often referred to as decorative fencing due to its more stylish appearance often adding a bit of a twist to the garden. Whereas traditional fencing is much more suited to a classic garden style instead of something a bit more modern. Each type of fence will serve the purpose of adding some security to the garden as well as some privacy, but to find out which style suits you more we have put together some key points about each.

Traditional Fencing Panels

These are the favoured style of the UK, with choices of horizontal or vertical boards to suit each type of garden and personal taste. Each of the boards are available in either a straight edge for a more classic look, or a waney edge for an added twist on the traditional design.

Traditional fence panels are often cheaper than their contemporary counterparts but they still offer the same amount of protection, privacy, and security as other choices. Similarly to the contemporary option, all of the traditional fence panels sold here have been either dip treated or pressure treated to enhance their durability after purchase.

One of the great things about this style is that they are perfect for front or back gardens as they come in a range of heights between 3ft and 6ft.  This means you can have a smaller fence surrounding your front garden where you could add a gate to get through to your front door, but then keep the same style for the back garden but make it a higher fence for the added security and privacy.

Contemporary / Decorative Fencing

These panels also provide the same security and privacy as traditional panels, but have the added benefit of a more aesthetically pleasing design.  The design comes from the curved tops, the addition of a top trellis for added height, or simply by the way the timbers are weaved. 

The decorative style of these panels are great for freshening up the garden and giving it a bit of added style, particularly if you choose to thread plants through the trellis section such as climbing roses. Alternatively the lower level options can be used to create borders in the front garden, much like the traditional fence panels, to compliment the style of the garden, whether that is a neatly lined patio or a green space with a flowerbed or two.

Along with the decorative fencing you can buy decorative screens to section off your garden, so if you wanted a prettier area around a focal point, such as a pond, you could invest in a trellis panel and begin to grow plants through it.  This makes for a great seating area surrounded by colour that keeps you separate from the rest of the garden where the children might be enjoying a game of stuck in the mud.