RHS Hampton Court: What to expect

This year's edition of the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show is the 25th instalment of the show, which will be accompanied by several themed events to help mark the silver anniversary of the event. Visitors can expect floral themed shows along with walks through historic gardens, and even a scarecrow display celebrating past inceptions of the pivotal accessory. The show's highlight is undoubtedly the rose display where visitors will not only be able to come into contact with some of the most well-grown roses in the United Kingdom, but also receive tips and tricks for growing roses themselves in their own homes. However, there's another display that's set to wow visitors from a more modern age.

History of the Show

The RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show first took place in 1990 and was first developed by the Historic Royal Palaces and Network Southeast. However, poor public perception at the time caused the Network to withdraw its subsidy from the show only two years after its creation, which was taken over by the Royal Horticultural Society. Since 1993, fresh thinking and innovative attractions have seen it become the world's largest flower show and this legacy continues to be cemented with each passing year.

Jurassic World Display

Arguably the most popular and innovative attraction this year is touted to be the Jurassic World display. Inspired by the popular film of the same name, prehistoric plants from both the Jurassic and Triassic periods will be on display during the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show 2015. These plants have survived extinction and climatic change, but will be held in the strictest care. The public is expected to comply with any regulations that may prohibit handling the plants, as they would be able to in other parts of the grounds.

Fortunately, not everything will be off limits as plants such as Dicksonia antarctica and Dryopteris erythrosora can be grown in the UK and visitors will be shown how they can create their own Jurassic-inspired gardens using readily available plants within the country. This display will be accented by plants such as Cycas revoluta, which is more colloquially known as “dinosaur food” and was likely the main staple of herbivorous dinosaurs.

It is set to take place within the SMART Vision Garden.


Second to the Jurassic display will be the Roses and Floristry Theatre, which will hold talks and demonstrations from leading rose experts; showing the general public how to cultivate roses so that they thrive within our gardens rather than become ravaged by changing temperatures and other harsh conditions that affect rose growth. Tips and tricks will be available from leading names including TV floristry judge Jonathan Moseley and floral designer Mig Kimpton

Feast Cookery Theatre

Those who attend the event won't necessarily be limited to horticultural pursuits. They may also choose to partake in activities and demonstrations such as those held within the Feast Cookery Theatre, which is sponsored by Viking Cruises. The theatre is set to be headlined by leading TV chef Rachel Allen, who will provide insight on a variety of dishes and cuisines. Children are welcome to attend this event and are especially welcome on the weekend, when there will be children-specific demonstrations taking place in the early morning hours.

Live Entertainment

Throughout the event there will also be live music and entertainment taking place on the On the Grow Bandstand, which is sponsored by the Witan Investment Trust. The genres range across several public-friendly sounds including jazz, light chorus and Motown.

For more information on the event be sure to take a look at the RHS Website and plan your day according to what you want to see most.

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