The popularity of decking continues largely thanks to the fact that it provides such an attractive and functional focal point, yet can be installed by those with only basic DIY carpentry skills. With a wide range of components allowing for complete bespoke designs to simple to install pre-manufactured deck kits that just need screwing together for an instant deck area, the choices available in the marketplace today are vast.

Decking can easily make your garden a more useable area throughout the year as an open-air extension of your living space! Whilst on a design note, decking can look absolutely beautiful, on a functional level, garden decking offers a host of practical solutions for those areas of your garden where conventional remedies are either costly, impractical or would fail to blend into your garden-scape, examples of this could be from shady areas where grass fails to grow leaving unsightly bare patches to more complex requirements where sloping ground needs levelling for better access to your outdoor space.

But when is the best time to get your decking installed? Many people only start to think about it in the spring, but it is better to start thinking about it earlier so you can properly plan the area.

Why would I build a decking area in winter?

By building your decking area during Winter you can take your time and enjoy it fully once the weather improves in spring and into summer. You will also save your garden from mess and disruption, right when you want to use it most.

In Winter, your timbers will also dry out and stabilise in slower and more controlled fashion. During summer, the warmth of the sun can cause timbers to expand and contract excessively, which could lead to warping or even damage to the deck.

Decking tiles

Our decking tile options are easy to lay directly on the ground, concrete or onto a deck base. The simple clip design makes them incredibly easy to lay and they feature an integral frame structure. Create a striking garden path with ease or add decking to a roof terrace.

Decking kits

Want to make life easy for yourself? Our decking kits are ideal if you don't have time to have to measure out and plan your decking area. Each has railings and some even feature attractive pergolas to complete the look. Easily create a great area for al fresco dining or entertaining friends and family.

We also have everything you need to add railings of a pergola to your existing deck area, all to your own specifications.