Top 10 Ideas for Garden Decking

There aren’t many better ways to transform your garden than with decking boards. Coming in a range of styles, they are suitable for a vast array of innovative garden projects. Let’s take a look at some of the many uses for decking now, in our Top 10 Ideas for Garden Decking.

Wood decking


No. 10 – A vantage point to admire fish in your pond

There’s something special about a wood deck placed next to water, isn’t there? Not only do they look attractive, decking boards also provide you with a stable, secure vantage point to study the fish, and other aquatic creatures, who inhabit your garden pond.


No.9 – Taming an incline

Both attractive and practical, decking can be used on a sloped lawn to offer you a level seated area which is perfect for dining alfresco and enjoying afternoon pots of tea, even if nature didn’t intend you to sit up to the table on said slope.


a black, modern garden seat and coffee table on a decked areaa garden table, chairs and parasol on a wooden deck


No.8 – A garden pathway

Wood decking not only makes an incredibly stylish pathway, it is also wonderfully practical too. On bleak winter days, or after periods of heavy rain, it’s neither good for your lawn nor your slippers to go wandering across the grass…unless you can tread on a beautifully decked surface, of course.


No.7 – An eye-catching platform for plants

Plants look beautiful wherever they’re positioned in a garden, but a raised deck gives you the perfect opportunity to really show them off. Why not place a chair up there too, amongst the greenery, so you can take it all in at close quarters?


patio stones separating 2 decked areasa person pressure washing a wooden decked path


No.6 – To surround a swimming pool

There are back garden swimming pools and then there are back garden swimming pools with a wood deck surround. Practical, comfortable to walk on, stylish, low maintenance…what more do you want?


No.5 – A garden pathway leading to a complementary seated area

Take all the advantages of no.8 and then sit down in a stunning seated area at the end of the path. Imagine your friends arriving for a garden soiree and being led along your decked walkway to a gazebo, where drinks and canopies await them.


garden decking with French doors in the backgroundgarden furniture on a wood deck, surrounded by trellis


No.4 – Transforming a rooftop space

One of the drawbacks of living in the middle of the city is that space is at a premium, particularly garden space. Take a leaf out of the 1960s town planning book and look to the skies. Deck designs can provide the foundations for stunning rooftop gardens; ones that even your country cousins would be proud of.


No.3 – With an outdoor shower

This one makes the top three on its novelty factor alone. I don’t know anybody who has an outdoor shower. Do you? No, I didn’t think so, but don’t let that put you off. Now I know it’s more suited to California than Carlisle, but take a look at the picture at the right of the fourth caption. How cool does that look?


No.2 – In combination with trellis panels

Here at Buy Fencing Direct, we love trellis panels as much as we love decking. Both are natural, both blend in with the rest of the garden and, as you can see from the picture on the right of the second caption, they look incredible when used together to create an outdoor living space.

(Drum roll) and the winner is…




No.1 – As an outdoor living space

What?! I hear you say. Not the vantage point? The swimming pool surround? The rooftop garden? How about levelling an incline (now that was really clever and should have been higher up the list)? But anybody can build a simple decked area on which to relax, place a hot tub, dine alfresco or entertain friends. Precisely! And the simplest ideas are usually the best, so what are you waiting for? Browse through Buy Fencing Direct’s superb range of decking and transform your own garden space today.