What can I use a trellis panel for?

What can I use a trellis panel for?

You can use trellis panels for a number of different uses. They can be used to enhance your garden fencing, provide a support for your plants, screen off areas of your garden or to keep your garden secure.

Using trellis as a deterrent to unwanted guests

Most people think that to secure your garden you need to have heigh, solid fencing. Unfortunately, you might be providing a stable platform for entry into your garden which also shields a thieves activity once in your garden.

By adding a top trellis to your fence panels or to a garden wall, you create obstructive height without hindering visibility. The trellis also acts as a structure which wont support body-weight, which will deter an intruder from trying to scale your fence. You can also train thorny climbing plants across the trellis as an added deterrent.

Supporting your climbing plants and vegetables with trellis

As you might expect, our trellis panels are ideal for use with climbing plants and vegetables. They offer support to your grown plants, make use of the vertical space in your garden and can make a feature of a boring garden wall.

Growing your own food makes perfect economic sense, especially these days. But by using trellis panels you can maximise the use of the vertical space in garden, balcony or allotment. This technique can also help you to increase the yield of you crops and make it a little easier to harvest, especially for the elderly or disabled gardener. However, you will need to be sure to locate the trellis base on how much sunlight that your crop requires. The good majority of vegetables prefer full and direct sunlight – but it's best make sure.

You may be thinking that using a trellis is only good for vine tomatoes. But you can, in fact, use them for a number of vegetables including beans, peas or even cucumbers and courgettes.

Create enclosures and section off parts of your garden using trellis panels

If you'd like to create a subtle divide to your garden or enclose your vegetable / herb patch, trellis is the most attractive solution. The advantage of using trellis panels for this is that I won't block out the sun and can be integrated with arches to create a rustic-garden look.

Lastly, why not use trellis panels to create country-style fencing. Our Diamond trellis panels are just the job too!

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