Why Do I Need a Shed?

Oh, come on. That’s not actually the correct question. It should be ‘How many sheds do I need?'. Every garden, no matter what size or location, needs a shed of some sort. Whether it’s a man cave, girl grotto or family retreat, of course you need a shed. 


Storage: Okay, the traditional use of a shed is to store all your gardening stuff in. Spades, forks, garden furniture and cushions all need to be housed somewhere. And although you might be able to get away with a mower in the front room of your house (I did for a month - just the once), a shed will always come to the rescue. And where will you display your antique collection of half empty paint pots from yesteryear? What about all those empty boxes that will come in handy one day? Stray pieces of random wood? Exactly - you need a shed.


Playtime: I have a friend who converted a rather smart log cabin type shed into a table tennis room. I know someone else who has a table football set up, fully operational complete with mini fridge and tv for watching other sport. Some children prefer dance to ping-pong. Get them practising in their own Studio de Shed. Alright, a 6x8 might be restrictive, but it’s a start. There are plenty of bigger options and ballet barres must be easy to fix to the solid framework of a well-constructed shed (I have to admit to having never done that, but how difficult can it be?).  So, if you want to play in the garden, you need a shed.


Rest: Ahh, a fusty old armchair surrounded by wooden shelves groaning under the weight of fruitful decades of washed and preserved jam jars, each filled with nails, screws, nuts and bolts. Slumped and enveloped by dusty cushions, authentic Peaky Blinders cap at a cocky tilt and a hot brew in your hand. And maybe, just maybe The Archers emanating from your vintage valve radio. You can’t do that in a sterile uPVC conservatory as it wouldn’t feel, sound or smell right. You need a shed. Obviously.


Gardening: How novel, a shed used to further the best pastime available to anyone. A shed without windows is a wannabee mushroom farm or the perfect store for surplus spuds. Sheds with windows are an altogether a different proposition. Potatoes can be chitted in there, shallots and onion sets spaced out before planting, even seedlings can be raised if the windows allow enough light in. Check out grow-house sheds - still a shed and a massive addition to any garden.


Work: Gone are the days of long and arduous shleps to get to a stuffy office. Home-working is all the rage for obvious reasons and a well kitted out shed will help productivity or even your own business boom. The next successful entrepreneur could well be organising his or her shed delivery right now. And you could be the next. That’s why you need a shed. Don't delay, for sheds 'near me' browse Buy Fencing Direct's superb range of garden sheds today.