Why Your Garden Needs a Fence for the Oncoming Heatwave!

Summer is arriving earlier than usual this year, with reports indicating that the UK is about to face one of the hottest Easters on record. The country’s famously unpredictable weather is expected to exceed 26 degrees Celsius (80 Fahrenheit), outdoing parts of Spain, Greece and North Africa.
High pressure and an uncharacteristically deviating jet stream will send the mercury rising and no doubt send plenty of us outdoors to enjoy the glorious sunshine. Of course, one of the easiest ways to get outside is make good use of your garden, but in order to do that you’ll need to make sure that your fencing is in good order.

Although keeping your garden secure is important, fencing isn’t only about keeping out prying eyes. A newly purchased fence can prove a beautiful addition to any garden and is available in a number of varieties. Whether you’re after traditional fencing panels or something more decorative you should be able to find the right fencing for your garden. Fencing doesn’t only mean wooden panels either. There are other structures that you can add to your fence, including iron gates, arches and pergolas, that really add something to your garden.

With the oncoming heatwave sure to be accompanied by a large share of garden parties, now is a good time to invest in a new fence. Aside from a great talking point, fencing can provide additional security, particularly if you’re inviting over friends or family that have pets or children. A well maintained fence can prevent dogs from running away and helps to ensure that young children remain in a safe environment, particularly during warmer weather when excitement is running high. 
However, fencing doesn’t just improve your garden for social get-togethers. Fences can give your outdoor space an added layer of privacy, which could understandably be desired as temperatures begin to soar. Whether it’s a quiet sunbathe, or a dip in the garden pool, you may feel much more comfortable with a fence in place.

What’s more, installing your garden fence could be the kind of simple, but rewarding, outdoor project that you were looking to complete this year. DIY fence kits are very popular at the moment, as they allow you to build your fence to your own specifications, making sure that it suits your garden. It is also perfect for a garden with a slope, as you can have full control over the length and shape of each panel.

Another great way of taking advantage of the warmer weather being promised is to start growing your own fruits and vegetables – many of which would work perfectly as part of a garden party feast. In this case, your fence becomes a very important defence mechanism to protect your harvest from any wild animals.

However, perhaps one of the best reasons to invest in a new garden fence before the oncoming heatwave is that it can be a great way of restoring your garden to its full glory. Many of us have a fence already in place, but some are likely to be in a sorry state after years of being weather beaten and damaged by plant growth. With warm weather on the way, a new fence is a great way of making your garden ready for all your outdoor social gatherings.