Gardening Projects

  1. January in the garden

    January in the garden

    My new greenhouse has had a baptism of fire (or to be more accurate, wind!) with gales howling around the structure and rattling the panes. All is well as it's solidly constructed and now even has a few hyacinths growing happily in what is a perfect space

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  2. December in the garden

    December in the garden

    I can't resist – ho, ho, ho! There..  I promise, it's out of my system.

    Christmas is racing ever closer and December is a prime time to pull an inventory together of everything you need for the coming year. A secateur sharpener, a greenhouse

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  3. November in the garden

    November in the garden

    November in the garden and there's plenty to be doing to keep warm.

    With bonfire smoke pervading the air, November is an evocative time in the garden. It's also a busy one.

    Some quick tips for the garden in November:

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  4. The best garden tools for 2015

    Not all of us are equally handy when it comes to sprucing up our garden, but with the aid of the right equipment we can make our lives a lot easier and our garden area a lot prettier.
    Depending on the garden, certain tools will always be necessary

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