15 upcycle ideas for your garden

There will always come a point when items need to be replaced with something newer and more effective. Rather than throwing away your old garden tools, kitchen utensils and storage containers, why not try upcycling them into something new that could either be a decorative piece or a practical item for use elsewhere.

Checking out upcycle ideas is a great starting position that allows you to browse a number of well-established ideas and see what upcycling is all about and to get a taste of where you can go with this concept.  Some of the best ideas are listed below:

  1. Using an old, possibly unstable ladder to hold flowerpots and trestles. This will make the most of any space you have in your garden; a vertical arrangement is practical if you have a small space and it is very forward-looking too.
  2. A number of household objects can be used as mini greenhouses and various ideas are showcased across these websites; light bulbs, plastic bottles, washed out cans and many more, depending on the size of the plants you want to grow. This is a convenient alternative to a full-sized greenhouse, as it will take up a lot less room in your garden.
  3. If you want a full sized greenhouse, it is possible to make your own from windows. This would be an advanced project but it has been done before numerous times and the result can be stunning.
  4. Turning larger tools, such as spades and rakes into bits and parts for furniture can give a quirky and unique look to any room. There are examples of chairs and tables made solely of these items, or you can swap one in as a leg or two.
  5. Some people have been able to craft their old garden tools into interesting sculptures. A lot of these items have very interesting and distinctive shapes, which make them great mediums for some outside landscaping.
  6. Making wire planters to hang off walls and fences is a cheap and easy method to utilise whatever space you have and display your beautiful plants to their fullest potential.
  7. Pretty much anything can be recycled into a planter when you know how. Old, disused fabric bags are easy to hang up and a ladle will fit nicely onto the edge of a wall. Get creative when looking for new homes for your plants around the garden.
  8. Shoes and wellies can be made into really out-there planters if you are looking for a garden like no other!
  9. When growing small plants, even something as small as a cork can be utilised. This can be perfect for herbs if you want to start growing and they can be stored in many different ways, both indoors and outdoors.
  10. Cinderblocks are often unsightly and can ruin the aesthetics of your garden. If you have some lying around as a reminder of past building work, pile them up into an artistic array and plant some flowers in them or slip potted plants into them. The contrast of the bright, vibrant colours with the grey concrete makes for a very interesting look.
  11. If you have broken ceramics around the house, even something as simple as a cracked plate, they could be used to make a diverse garden path that will set your backyard apart from the rest. Inlaying a path with mismatched items can add some real interest to your outdoors scene.
  12. If you have any plant pots that have chipped or you just don’t use them anymore, they could be made into a terracotta birdbath. Try painting them with different designs to give your creation a real edge.
  13. Wind chimes can be a great addition to your outdoor space and can be made with almost anything from around your garden and your house. Upcycle some broken kitchen utensils or smaller garden tools into a dainty but eye-catching decoration.
  14. The numerous different pots, cans and jars that can be used for outside plants can also be reused to create an indoor herb garden or otherwise.
  15. Finally, wooden pallets make great DIY display cases for all the wonderful items you have grown in your garden.

If you are on a budget and also have lots of old materials lying around, upcycling could be just the thing for you. This trend is getting bigger and bigger and people are continuing to document their efforts so it’s never been easier to find ways to rework your old garden tools.


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