Adding Arbours, Pergolas and Gazebos to Your Garden

As children, building dens in the garden was an instinct – blankets across the washing line, cardboard boxes upended and filled with cushions, and hollowed out hideaways under bushes.

As grown-ups, we have much better ways to create those special places from which to make the most of our garden.

When it comes to truly maximising enjoyment of our outdoor space, a permanent garden shelter is simply a must. Easy to erect and near maintenance-free, these shelters offer a beautiful standout garden feature, without significantly increasing our workload.

So, which sort of shelter is right for your garden?

The chances are that it will either be an arbour, pergola or gazebo but, to make an informed choice about which one to purchase, it’s important to consider exactly what you intend to use it for and to understand their different characteristics.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at them.


Garden arbours are the smallest of the three and come in two distinct forms.

Firstly, they can simply be a decorative archway, designed to provide a link between different areas of the garden, for example the main pathway and the vegetable patch. They usually come with trellis sides or roofs to support climbers.

Alternatively, an arbour can be a small, standalone sheltered area with seating, which makes a wonderfully intimate place to relax with a loved one, or even just a good book. These types of arbour also tend to incorporate a trellis design, as sitting down surrounded by climbers provides a magical feeling of seclusion.

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The 6x2 Store More Atlas Arch Arbour, the 4x2 Shire Balsam Arbour and the Forest Portofino Arbour


Pergolas are usually square or rectangular and are normally erected on decks and patios. They can either link two different structures or stand alone.

Instead of a conventional roof, the upper section is constructed from cross beams, often with a trellis design, which are perfect for supporting climbers.

Pergolas provide a shaded area, where one can enjoy fresh air whilst being sheltered from the full glare of the sun or the worst of the rain. This makes them an ideal place for barbecues, dining alfresco, hot tubs, and social gatherings.

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The Forest 7x7 Pergola Kit, a deck kit including pergola, and the Forest Florence Pergola with Side Panels sheltering a table and 2 benches


Gazebos are the ultimate outdoor building, offering you the opportunity to extend your living space into the garden.

Separate from any other feature, they enjoy their own roof and are usually round, hexagonal or octagonal in shape. This provides an enclosed feel, making them suitable for positioning deeper into the garden than a pergola.

A garden gazebo is a wonderful place to enjoy hobbies, dine alfresco, for the kids to play, or for you to entertain guests – all completely sheltered from the elements.

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A man and woman having a glass of wine inside the 11x10 Royal Hexagonal Timber Roof Gazebo, the 14x12 M&M Imperial Hexagonal Thatched Roof Gazebo, and the Forest Hampton Garden Gazebo  

Whichever shelter you buy, there’s one thing that we can guarantee: you will be investing in an attractive and effective way to shelter from the unpredictable British weather, which will ensure that you spend more time in your garden all year round. What could possibly be better than that?