How to Install a Garden Arbour

Installing a Garden Arbour

If you're a DIY novice and wondering how to install a garden arbour, don't worry; it's a relatively straightforward process.

Still, getting it exactly right first time will ensure your arbour withstands even the worst of weather and remains a much-loved fixture in your garden for many years to come.

The Rowlinson Keswick Garden Arbour Seat 4x3, with a blue cushion and coffee mug on the seat.

Garden arbours sport a variety of timeless designs, ranging from simple, understated elegance to stunning garden focal points, especially when they include trellis adorned with climbing plants.

This is a guide to assembling a basic wood arbour. Consequently, if your arbour has additional features, such as panels for further seating or storage, then the order of assembly may vary.

Don’t worry if this is the case because all Buy Fencing Direct arbours include full instructions to ensure assembly always remains uncomplicated.

The Right Tools

Before you begin, it’s important to make sure you have the necessary tools to hand. These include a power drill, screwdriver, hammer and spirit level.

Also, like with most jobs, it’s a lot easier if you have a friend to help you.

If you require post holders or spikes (see the section below), make sure you have these ready too.

Select a Suitable Location

The 4x2 Store More Cassandra Arbour on a lawn, plant pots to one side.Firstly, the arbour should be assembled on firm soil, next to the plants that will climb the arbour trellis.

Pay attention to where the sun travels in your garden throughout the day. Most people want the arbour located in a sunny spot.

Some people will install their arbour on grass. We would not recommend this for dip-treated arbours as the posts are likely to rot over time. Though possible with pressure-treated arbours, we do recommend that a solid base, such as slabs or decking, be used. At minimum, a gravel area will encourage drainage.

The base can be small enough to allow plants to grow up from soil at the sides. Or you can use climbing plants in containers if you are placing the arbour on a larger base or patio.

It is wise to use weed-suppressant membrane under the base.

Make sure that you will have enough room around the arbour to add treatment over the coming years, if necessary, and to attend to your climbing plants.


Secure to the Ground

Strong winds can topple some arbours if they are not properly fixed to the ground, so it’s vitally important that you secure them effectively.

The Forest Fencebase Easy-Fit 65-80mm

When using concrete or paving slabs as a base, you can use bolt-down post holders to fully secure the arbour. As the name suggests, these are bolted to the solid surface. The arbour's struts are then inserted into the holders.

The Forest 65-80mm Post Support with 600mm Spike

With grass or gravel, use post spikes. You can easily drive them into the earth with a hammer.

With both of these methods, check the arbour specification for the size of the posts and ensure the model of post holder or spike you are purchasing accommodates the size.

We stock a variety of fence posts supports here


Assembling the Arbour

As noted previously, depending on the arbour, assembly parts and order will differ.

Generally it is a matter of first adding sides or cross-pieces to the posts. Lastly, you will add the roof. 

Use screws, rather than nails, as they provide a more durable fixing. Make sure they are galvanised to protect against rust.

Use a spirit level throughout to ensure uprights are fully upright and other parts are level.

Choose Your Arbour Now

The Forest Venetian Corner Garden Arbour Seat 8x5, cushions on the seat and flanked by plant pots.

Forest Venetian Corner Garden Arbour Seat 8x5

Expertly built from superior 12mm tongue and groove cladding, this corner arbour is pressure-treated and supplied with a superb 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

Furthermore, there’s plenty of room for two inside, as well as the Sunday newspapers, on a generously-sized, right-angled arbour seat.



The cream Rowlinson Winchester Garden Arbour Seat 4x2, with its distinctive curved, black roof.

Rowlinson Winchester Garden Arbour Seat 4x2

Offering you a private, tranquil spot in which to relax, this arbour with bench seat is also pressure-treated and supplied with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

Further standout features include under-seat storage and an eye-catching Gothic-style, metal roof.

More Garden Arbours for Sale

A woman in a white dress sat on the Rowlinson Dartmouth Wooden Swing Seat.As you can see, a garden arbour is an absolutely idyllic place to relax outdoors. Private, personal and always beautiful, very few seating arrangements suit an English garden better than a wooden arbour seat.

Just think, by next weekend you could be relaxing in an exquisite arbour of your own, tucked away in a secluded area of the garden. 

To enjoy your dream arbour without delay, make sure you select from our wonderful range of garden arbours today.


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