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It can be a difficult balance trying to maintain a welcoming outdoor aesthetic while trying to keep your pets safe and secure. Should you focus primarily on fencing for pets, or should you select fencing that suits your garden’s style and design? In this guide, we will help you find the best pet-friendly fencing for dogs and cats without compromising on style.

Safe and stylish fencing for pets

At Buy Fencing Direct, we have thought a lot about striking the perfect balance between style and function and can combine the best of both options with our premium pet-safe fences. Our fences are premium and built to last which is why we provide up to a 15 year anti-rot guarantee. We also deliver for free to most UK postcodes when you spend over £100.


Let us talk about how to choose the right fence for you, and your furry friends.

Choosing the best fencing for dogs and cats

There is a lot to consider when choosing pet-friendly fences that are both functional and visually striking. You would be forgiven for initially assuming that it is just a simple case of picking a design and placing your order when buying fencing for pets.

When it comes to choosing fences for dogs or cats, there are some additional considerations, it is not just as simple as searching for “the best fencing for dogs” or “the best fencing for cats” as a one-size-fits-all solution. You should also be considering which materials are non-toxic, any pet-based height requirements, and having a dog-proof fencing foundation for those of you who have dogs that are aspiring escape artists!

In many cases, the best fencing for cats will have additional elements that attract and engage your feline friend. Adding to your chosen dog-friendly or cat-friendly fencing with living walls, integrated toys, and elevated viewing platforms can really take your pet-friendly fences to the next level.

Considerations for different animals

Although the fencing for pets that we sell is suitable for many different types of pets, you may want to consider specific types of fences that are more appropriate for your pets and their individual personality when looking for the best fencing for dogs and cats. 

There are also considerations regarding the surrounding environment, making sure your chosen fence is suitable for your pets, and space you have available.

Such considerations can be:

  • Cat-friendly fencing - the best fencing for cats allows angled tops to prevent climbing up and over
  • Dog-friendly fencing - consider tighter fence spacing for smaller or anxious pets
  • Fencing for dogs - ensure your dogs cannot easily dig under the chosen fence. Making sure your dog cannot jump over the fence
  • Pet-friendly fences - checking that the finish of the wood is not toxic for your pets
a sturdy brown pressure treated fence panel - ideal fencing for petsa sturdy brown pressure treated fence panel - ideal fencing for pets
Forest 6' x 5'6 Brown Pressure Treated Super Lap Fence Panel (1.83m x 1.68m) - Click Image to View

Some pets such as dogs may become agitated or anxious if they can see through your fence at passersby or neighbouring pets. This can happen even with dog-friendly fencing. Spacing and visibility are important for these reasons when buying fencing for dogs in addition to ensuring your pets remain safe inside without the possibility of escaping.

Installation tips for pet-friendly fences

Once you have chosen from our selection of pet-friendly fences, there are a few additional things that you can do to make things more secure, and more appropriate for your pets.

a pressure treated domed fence panel on a concrete gravel board foundation - ideal fencing for dogs who are looking for escape routesa pressure treated domed fence panel on a concrete gravel board foundation - ideal fencing for dogs who are looking for escape routes
Forest 6' x 6' Pressure Treated Decorative Domed Top Fence Panel (1.8m x 1.8m) - Click Image to View

Consider potential escape routes

The first thing to consider when choosing dog-friendly fencing is if there is a risk of your pets trying to escape by digging underneath your fence. This will not be a concern for all pets, but some tend to try and dig their way out.


A popular solution to this issue is being able to extend the base of the fence further down into the ground, or you can add a concrete foundation which will prevent any possible escape attempts.

Add features to accommodate their needs

Secondly, you can consider adding additional sections to your fence to accommodate your pets. This idea can be used with fencing for dogs, or cats. The best fencing for cats will be well-suited for adding elevated enclosures or shelves to dissuade scratching in other areas of your fence, limiting it to one specific ‘play’ area.

Similarly, with dog-friendly fencing, you can add a specific section to accommodate their needs such as ropes or chew toys to keep their nibbles away from the rest of your fence. Much like humans, dogs have different personalities and not all will become anxious at the sight of other people outside of their environment.

For these types of dogs, an elevated but safe viewing platform can add a sense of safety and control to animals that become unsettled by not being able to assess their surrounding environment.

Watch and learn from their behaviour

Once you have completed the installation of your fence and any extras, observe your pets in the space, and see how they interact with the environment. You can adapt and change the layout and configuration of any interactive elements to best match your pets’ preferences.

Remember, the best fencing for cats will still somewhat depend on the breed and personality of your cat.

Maintenance for pet safety and durability

We recommend giving your dog-friendly fencing an inspection every month or two to check for any damage or wear that may have been caused by your pets. Although this is not always expected, it is a matter of precaution and safety.

Here are a few tips to employ to keep your pet fence or enclosure safe and healthy once you have fitted your fencing for pets:

  • Bimonthly checks - to the structure of your fence - check for any damage
  • Check the base of the fence - for any holes or damage from digging/scratching
  • Clean your fence - with pet-safe cleaning agents to prevent rot and weakening
  • Regularly check - any fence toppers or third-party products added to your fence
  • Tidy-up - fix any loose dirt or wear to prevent more significant issues later

Our fences' product pages all specify their respective anti-rot guarantee duration. This is commonly 10-15 years, and the tips suggested are not required but are suggested as a proactive approach to preventing animal damage over time.


If you are looking for the best fencing for dogs, we will certainly have what you are looking for! It is worth keeping in mind that the best fencing for dogs will be different based on breed, and personality type.

Our pressure treated fences help prevent mould and fungal decay which greatly increases the lifespan of your fences while being incredibly durable.

All our timber garden products are supplied and treated, but we recommend that you treat your products with a wood preservative to protect against the elements after the first year.

a pressure treated fence panel - one of our pet-friendly fencesa pressure treated fence panel - one of our pet-friendly fences
Forest 6' x 6' Pressure Treated Lap Fence Panel (1.83m x 1.83m) - Click Image to View
harvest gold fence treatment - a necessity to maintain our range of fencing for petsharvest gold fence treatment - a necessity to maintain our range of fencing for pets
Fence Treatment 5ltr Harvest Gold - Click Image to View

Innovative ideas for cat and dog-friendly fencing

There are a few unique and innovative ideas that you make use of to make your fencing better suited to your requirements and the needs of your cats and dogs.

As your pets will be spending just as much time outside as you, it is only fair they are part of the plans and considerations! The following points are suggestions on how you can use the best fencing for cats and dogs along with third-party equipment to make the perfect garden and pet environment. Sometimes simply adding a small toy or treat box can alleviate anxiety caused by more anxious pets being outside of the house.

Pet gates and doors

Depending on which areas you want accessible to your pets, you can consider adding a pet gate. This can be used to restrict access to areas within your garden or control access out. Such sections can be opened by your pets via a collar or can even be chip-activated with pet-friendly fences.

Such gates can also be used to train your pets and familiarise them with the zones and areas that they are allowed access to. It can also aid in calming more anxious dogs by being guided through limited areas along with their owner.

Dog fence windows

It may sound like a gimmick, but allowing your dogs to see outward can do a lot to alleviate curiosity and even anxiety in pets. However, this highly depends on the personality of your dog as this can have the opposite effect for dogs that are easily aggravated by passersby.

Certain types of fencing for dogs will allow you to open them should you want to fit the dog fence window into a different section of your outdoor space.

You can either purchase these fence windows or make one yourself to the specific dimensions of your requirements.

Environmental considerations

It is important to consider the immediate environment around your garden, in addition to the environment when choosing or adding to your fencing for pets.

You should be using a non-toxic wood treatment to preserve and add longevity to your fences and ensure your pets are safe when interacting with them.

One idea for a stunning visual element that allows your pets to interact while remaining safe is a vertical garden. These are great for dogs and cats alike. Many people choose to grow catnip and other pet-friendly plants to provide visual variety and attract your pets to an area of the garden.

An additional benefit of having a vertical garden is that it can suppress noise from both outside of your garden and inside if your dogs are more on the vocal side when exploring. They can also be incredibly effective for the gardeners amongst you who are working with limited outdoor space.

Adding interactive toys

In your quest to find the best fencing for dogs and cats, you will absolutely want to consider adding interactive toys. Interactivity, toys can be a fun way to stop scratching and biting on other parts of your fence.

If you have fencing for dogs, tug ropes and puzzle feeders are popular options. This will keep your best friend entertained, and mentally stimulated at the same time.

For cats, you can add dedicated scratch posts and elevated platforms are good options. Cats have a natural tendency to want to be above their environment, so platforms that remain within the confines of your garden can work well. You could also install bird feeders to keep your cats engaged with the outdoor environment.

A treat dispenser can also be fitted and suitable for most pets and can also aid in attracting your pets to one specific area of the garden. These can be combined with scent trails for cats or bungie-attached toys that are more interactive than static-mounted toys.

It is also a good idea to give access to a pet house. Here pets can get access to shade and relax, after playing in the garden.

Conclusion: the perfect enclosure for your furry friends

Our fences are FSC®-certified and come with an anti-rot guarantee giving you peace of mind and great value for money. Fencing for pets is an ideal choice for animal lovers who want to get the best product, at the best price point. The best fencing for dogs does not have to cost a fortune!

Our pressure treating process also helps protect against rot and is present with many of our pet-friendly fences (will be specified on each product page).

From overlap panels to picket fencing, Buy Fencing Direct is sure to have fencing panels that suits you, and your furry friends!

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a decorative fence panel - one of our range which is best fencing for catsa decorative fence panel - one of our range which is best fencing for cats
Forest 6' x 6' Europa Plain Pressure Treated Decorative Fence Panel (1.8m x 1.8m) - Click Image to View