an exquisite garden design that could be inspiration for your garden makeover

Whether you have a neat and attractive garden already, or perhaps one that is “in need of improvement”, you may be considering a garden makeover. If you are, read on as we discuss a whole range of creative garden makeover ideas that will transform your garden design, adding a WOW factor that will impress family, friends and other visitors alike.

Introduction: transforming your garden design

When you are planning a garden renovation or a major design overhaul, your fence is not usually top of the priority list, but it should be. When you think about it, fencing is the first part of your home that visitors see, and the first chance you get to make an impression. Prioritising your garden fences and making them a feature can change the entire look of the garden, giving your space an up-to-date look without smashing through your budget.

Options for the perfect garden makeover

With a bit of ingenuity and creativity, there is a lot you can do in your garden, no matter the size. Using clever fencing ideas, you can create the illusion of space in a small garden or make a bigger garden appear more exciting or personal.

With creativity in mind, we will give you some simple options for achieving the perfect garden makeover, which will bring a new lease of life to your garden. We’ll suggest some fencing options to combine in your garden refresh and offer some creative layouts and garden design inspiration.

You will learn how to choose the most suitable materials for your design style and offer tips on fencing installation and care to make the most of your garden refresh that will last season after season to make the most of being outside. No matter if you have a large or tight budget, it is possible to have creative options for your garden design. The key is deciding how to approach the makeover.

Always start small

The trick is to always work through small areas at a time, starting with your seating areas, socialising areas, garden storage and, of course, lawn and planting. If you decide to go ahead and redesign the entire garden in one fell swoop, it still makes sense to tackle the project in small manageable steps.

a beautiful garden seating area, a small start to your garden makeovera beautiful garden seating area, a small start to your garden makeover
Forest Sleeper Bench & Refectory Wooden Garden Table Set 6'x2' (1.8x0.7m) - Click Image to View

Planning is the key to success

You should decide if you can tackle the work or whether the makeover requires a professional touch. Draw up a plan to make the most of your options. Start by measuring your space, marking out your design either on paper or in the garden with stakes and tape markers. Think about how you would like your garden to function while considering the different routes and paths that you need in your garden.

DIY or professional garden refresh

Once you have your design on paper, you could find it is more complicated than you first imagined. In that case, you can always call a professional garden designer, garden landscaper or even a surveyor for more detailed guidance.

However, if you decide to go it alone, then make sure you research thoroughly and allow enough time to order the things you need (fencing supplies and building materials) so you can start and finish in time to enjoy longer and lighter days.

Fencing as a centrepiece of garden makeovers

Most garden designs think about planting before they consider the structure of the garden. By making your fences the centrepiece of your garden makeover, you will quickly change your design and create a backbone or structure for the garden, which will help you plan how it is used. Create fencing focal point in your garden with a little imagination, here are just a few examples:

a decorative garden gate - a vital part of any garden designa decorative garden gate - a vital part of any garden design
Forest Paloma (Prague) 3'x6' Decorative Pressure Treated Garden Gate - Click Image to View
  • Arboreal archway - imagine a fencing section with an integrated arboreal archway! This would a WOW factor and be a perfect setting for added colour with climbing plants
  • Children’s creative fence area – allocate an area of your fencing to your children for creative play and expression, chalkboard works well and can always be wiped off
  • Garden gateway – create a great first impression with a stylish fence gate matching your fencing, a true blend of security with your style of choice gates
  • Hide your garden waste - turn your bin store and shed into a garden feature
  • Increased storage - it is possible to add storage by adding open slatted panels to your garden, one in which you can hang shelves, pot standing and lighting features (e.g. solar lights).

Creative layouts and garden design ideas

There are so many ways to change your garden, creating a more usable space by bringing the outside in without losing the beauty and solitude that your outdoor space can offer. If you are going for the full garden makeover, an attractive boundary can be created by adding a living wall of green foliage instead of choosing ordinary fencing.

Living walls

A living wall works well in a small garden or by creating partitions in a large garden because it adds interest and depth by providing greenery without taking up too much space. Your living wall can be unique to your garden and complement your colour scheme, incorporating flower beds, herbs, vegetables, and plants that work well with vertical planting.

Living walls can be used to create screened seating and a BBQ station and enhance your outdoor eating space, not to mention adding interest to areas you wish to hide, such as a bin store or storage area.

a living wall created using a slatted wall planter - a neat idea for your garden makeovera living wall created using a slatted wall planter - a neat idea for your garden makeover
5'11 Forest Slatted Tall Wall Planter - 2 Shelves (0.6m x 0.18m) - Click Image to View

Trellis and panel toppers

Combining fence panels with a trellis or panel topper is a way to personalise your fence line to create a focal point or screen out your neighbours. Both add useful extra fence height and are also perfect for climbing plants such as fuchsia, ivy, wisteria, etc., which in turn attract butterflies, and other insects as well as add a splash of extra interest and colour.

Eco-friendly fencing

Yes, this can be a reality in your garden makeover. Get your creative juices flowing with sustainability in mind. Use recycled materials including repurposed wood, reclaimed metal, plastic bottles, etc. to reduce your environmental impact.

Why not combine different ideas?

Combining different fence types creates privacy while keeping the light and interest flowing through your design, providing interesting details through the seasons even when your shrubs have lost their leaves, and your planting is dormant.

Choosing the right materials for your style

Choosing the best material for your design can be challenging, and asking a professional may be the easiest way to avoid mistakes. With new materials and designs arriving on the market all the time, it is a good idea to ask a fencing expert to guide your choices.

Fashions change in the garden as quickly as they do on the catwalk; research is required to ensure your garden will benefit from the latest design choices and manufacturing techniques.

an aesthetically pleasing fence panel that should be a part of the garden design in your garden makeoveran aesthetically pleasing fence panel that should be a part of the garden design in your garden makeover
Forest 6' x 6' Pressure Treated Contemporary Double Slatted Fence Panel (1.8m x 1.8m) - Click Image to View

Fencing accessories for your makeover

After you have chosen your fence panels, do not forget the fencing accessories. These include fence fixings, brackets, bases, fence caps, drivers, holders, spikes, and supports – buy any of these online in minutes from Buy Fencing Direct.

These accessories might seem like a minor consideration, but they will keep your fence upright, standing tall and looking its best. Accessories can also add that extra touch of style that makes your garden design stand out by adding individuality.

Installation and care for lasting beauty

Once your garden design is well underway, you need to consider the installation and care of your choices. All wooden fencing needs care, just as your plants will need watering and your grass will need a lawn mower. A fencing expert can advise you on the installation and care of your fencing that can fit in with your schedule and ability to look after your garden.

Fencing care is vital in the upkeep of your outdoor space. However, it is possible to buy fencing that requires less care than others. Pressure-treated fence panels benefit from adding preservative treatment deep into the timber, protecting the panels and the wood from within. Pressure-treated fence panels remove the need for annual treatment, saving you time and enabling you to save money.

Conclusion: revitalise your outdoor area with our simple tips

There is nothing like revitalising your outdoor area to refresh your home life, updating your look, and providing a sanctuary within the garden you already own. New fencing can change your perspective and focus, giving your garden the boost, it needs to take you into spring and beyond.

Make your garden design project easy by choosing ideas that lends itself to your lifestyle while enhancing your property's beauty and value. Whether you want classic fencing, a modern fence, Tongue and Groove, Featheredge, Closeboard, Decorative, Hit and Miss, Slatted or Lattice fencing, there is a fencing option that suits your needs and budget.

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a decorative fence panel that would be ideal for any garden makeovera decorative fence panel that would be ideal for any garden makeover
Forest 6' x 6' Europa Plain Pressure Treated Decorative Fence Panel (1.8m x 1.8m) - Click Image to View