Bike Sheds - A Guide to Bike Storage

Bike Sheds Are Among the UK’s Favourite Garden Sheds

Bike ownership is at record levels, leading some people to argue that cycling is the UK’s national sport. Consequently, there are now a huge number of bike sheds for sale.

If this trend continues, bike storage sheds will soon overtake traditional wooden sheds as the nation’s favourite garden buildings.

The green 6x3 Asgard Premium Metal Bike Store, doors open, bikes and accessories inside.

Why Do I Need A Bike Shed?

Unfortunately, our craze for 2 wheels has also resulted in a sharp increase in bike theft.

With the average bicycle costing hundreds of pounds, many in excess of £1000, this is a very serious problem.

Half of all cyclists are victims of bike crime and only 10% of stolen bikes are ever recovered (2017 National Cycle Crime Survey).

Even more alarmingly, the majority of thefts take place from the owner’s garden.

Therefore, the best way to prevent your own bike becoming part of these unwanted statistics is to purchase effective bike storage.

The 6x3 Trimetals Cream Protect-a-Cycle Secure Garden Storage, lid up, revealing a bicycle inside.

Different Types of Bike Shed

Buy Fencing Direct stocks a superb range of bike storage sheds, including wooden bike sheds, metal bike sheds and police-endorsed outdoor bike storage.

The only pre-requisite is that all of our bike sheds MUST provide outstanding security for our customers’ bikes.

So, let’s take a look at 5 of these market-leading bike storage sheds, in cost ascending order:

Our Bike Sheds for Sale

The Forest Large Double Door Pent Wooden Garden Storage Bike Store, situated on a patio and with its doors open to reveal 2 bikes.


Forest Large Double Door Pent Wooden Garden Storage Bike Store - £194.99*

This bicycle storage shed is made in the UK from FSC®-certified, pressure-treated wood and backed by a 15-year guarantee. No further treatment is required, which saves you time and money.

Further key features include an OSB floor, a weatherproof roof, hasp and staple closure, and a 2000-litre capacity.

Rest assured that this bike store will protect your valuable bicycles effectively, with minimal fuss.

The 6'7x2'8 Windsor Overlap Bike Store, situated on a patio and with its doors open to reveal 3 bikes.


6’7x2’8 Mercia Overlap Bike Store - £229.99*

Dip-treated and supplied with a 10-year guarantee, this wooden bike shed sports a traditional design to complement the rest of your garden perfectly.

The 8mm overlap cladding, solid sheet floor and felt-covered apex roof ensure outstanding protection from the elements.

Even more importantly, the robust, padlockable double doors provide an effective safeguard against thieves.  

The 7x3 Asgard Access Metal Bike Storage Shed, situated on paving slabs, next to a fence, and with its lid up and doors open to reveal 3 bikes and cycling accessories.


7x3 Asgard Access Metal Bike Storage Shed - £549.99*

Endorsed by the police and recommended by the cycling press, this metal bike shed is built in the UK from heavy-gauge galvanised steel and backed by a 10-year guarantee.

The gas-strut-assisted, lift-up lid and wide double doors offer you exceptionally easy access to your family's bikes.

However, reinforced panels, hidden screws, fixing bolts on the metal floor and 2 steel-plated locking points ensure nobody else rides off on them.

The 6x3 Trimetals Anthracite Protect-a-Cycle Secure Garden Bike Storage, situated on paving slabs, back against a brick wall, and with its lid up to reveal 3 bikes.


6x3 Trimetals Anthracite Protect-a-Cycle Secure Garden Bike Storage - £699.99*

Do you own a very expensive bicycle? If the answer is 'yes' then this metal bike store will help you sleep soundly at night.

First to achieve the Loss Prevention Certification Board's Security Rating 1, this impregnable bike shed also boasts Police Preferred Specification - Secure by Design status.

A 25-year guarantee on the PVC-coated galvanised steel panels, 2 Sold Secure Silver Approved padlocks, a Sold Secure Silver Approved heavy-duty ground anchor and a high-security cable make it easy to see why.       

The 9x5 Trimetals Protect-a-Bike Secure Garden Storage, located in the corner of a garden, with its doors open to reveal 2 motorbikes.


9x5 Trimetals Protect-a-Bike Secure Garden Storage - £1,349.00*

If your idea of a bike includes an engine and serious BHP then we have the perfect metal bike shed for you. Furthermore, it comes with a sensational 25-year guarantee.

This bike storage shed is constructed from PVC-coated galvanised steel panels, which are fire-resistant and completely maintenance-free.

Other notable features include a Sold Secure Gold Rated ground anchor and a Thatcham-Approved 1.5m padlock and chain, but it doesn't end there...

In addition, a key-operated handle with locking bars, a door bolting system and a battery-operated alarm add even greater security.

As a result, the Loss Prevention Certification Board granted this unbeatable motorbike garage ‘Unique Approval’.

Protect Your Bikes with One of Our Bike Sheds  

Now that you've seen the security we offer your valuable bikes, it's time to select your own perfect bike storage shed from our unbeatable range of premium bike sheds.

(*Prices on 14.06.19)