fence on driveway made up of driveway fence panels

A driveway is not just a parking area for your vehicle; it is the first area that others see when approaching or visiting your home. It stands to reason then that many people have started focusing on the driveway of their homes to add extra style, additional privacy, and curb appeal.

However, some people are unclear as to what is involved, and what is legal when installing a fence on driveway entrances.

Driveway fencing considerations

Before you get started buying driveway fence panels and getting your tools ready, there are a few important considerations to keep in mind.

These considerations largely depend on whether you have a shared driveway, the type of fence you are looking to install, and any legal requirements in your local area.

In some cases, you may need to get planning permission, so it is always best to double-check first based on your situation and any specific requirements that you have.

Benefits of having a fence on your driveway

There are many benefits to having a fence on your driveway which is why they are so popular. Here are some of the top benefits:

  • Added security for your home - by limiting access to your front door
  • Added security for your vehicle - making it difficult to access for criminals
  • Increased privacy - by limiting visibility from passersby and neighbours
  • Property value - a driveway fence can even increase property value
  • Visual appeal - increase the visual appeal of your property

Let us dive into the top benefits in a bit more detail to give you an idea of what you gain from choosing to have your own driveway fence.

Privacy and security

Having that extra barrier between you and the outside world can help deter potential thieves and intruders, resulting in increased peace of mind. It is also nice to have the additional privacy that a fence gives you, stopping passersby being able to investigate your private space.

Having a fence on your driveway space can also provide a more secure environment for children or pets to play. This makes for an additional barrier that can be fully controlled as and when you need to.

Another positive of adding a fence on driveway entrances is that you can add clearly defined boundaries to your property. This prevents any confusion in terms of where your driveway starts and ends with both the street and your neighbour’s driveway.

domed top fence panels- Stylish and secure, the ideal driveway fence panelsdomed top fence panels- Stylish and secure, the ideal driveway fence panels
Forest 6' x 6' Pressure Treated Decorative Domed Top Fence Panel (1.8m x 1.8m) - Click Image to View

Improved outdoor aesthetic

And, of course, having a driveway fence can really add a pleasing aesthetic to the outside of your property, making it more welcoming and homely.

Adding a fence at the front of the house can also open additional possibilities such as gardening potential in your outside space and provides a more secure space for your pets if they manage to make it out of the front door.

You will be glad of it in the colder months, too! Fences also provide a windbreak effect which makes your space more enjoyable in the colder months.

Many people also integrate plants and vegetation into their fence design which can make for a great combination if correctly maintained. Adding plants and bushes along with your fences can take your driveway’s visual style to the next level when paired with some quality fencing.

Installing a fence on driveway entrances can increase property value

Did you know that a professionally fitted, well-designed fence in your front garden can increase the value of your house? First impressions count for a lot, and property is no exception. The first area any potential buyer will see when approaching your house is your driveway, so making it stand out will always give that positive first impression.

Potential buyers with families or pets will be pleased with the fact that there is an already established secure space for their loved ones to spend time playing.

You can also integrate your fencing with the surrounding environment if that is a possibility with your property. This can push the appeal even further up, combining two great visually appealing elements together.

Choosing the right driveway fence panels

It is easy to become overwhelmed by choice when it comes to choosing the right driveway fence panels. There are lots of sizes and designs to choose from, and the right decision comes down to function, and personal preference.

A shorter fence panel that is ideal for adding a fence on drivewayA shorter fence panel that is ideal for adding a fence on driveway
Forest 6' x 3' Pressure Treated Contemporary Double Slatted Fence Panel (1.8m x 0.91m) - Click Image to View
an aluminium driveway gatean aluminium driveway gate
Devon Premium Aluminium Driveway Double Gates - Click Image to View

Choice of materials

Materials should not just be a stylistic choice, but a practical one too. If your main objective is to obscure viewing from others while keeping your vehicle secure, driveway fence panels that compliment a brick and aluminium gate combination can be a visually striking combination.

In this example, a connected aluminium gate is very easy to clean and incredibly robust. Paired with pressure-treated wooden fence panels to provide protection and added privacy, a lot of boxes are ticked at once. 

Some people choose to favour a more minimalist approach with fencing, opting for affordable wooden fence panels or wooden picket fencing - both of which can look visually impressive with both lighter and darker finishes. 

Despite our fences not requiring any additional treatment, those who wish to add their own choice should carefully consider which treatment to use. You should always ensure that your choice of treatment is pet-safe and non-toxic.

Choosing a style

A good place to start when trying to decide which fence style to go for is your house. It helps to consider the current age and aesthetic of your house and driveway relative to your new fence. Also considering how much space you have available can have an impact on which style of driveway fence panels will work best for you.

Your style considerations should keep in mind any gaps in the fence where pets can exit (or enter), visibility through any gaps and height. All these things can be easy to overlook if you get caught up on style and just the visual appearance when choosing a fence/panel.

Driveway fence installation guidelines

Hiring somebody to professionally install a fence on driveway areas can be expensive, or you might want to try doing it yourself. There are positives and negatives for both that are worth considering before making your decision.

Preparing for professional installation

There are a few things that you should think about to prepare for your professional installation of your fence, and any driveway fence panels. Make a mental note, and make sure you complete the following to avoid any confusion or delays with the installation:

  • Ask about extras - consider asking about any extras that you are looking to add further down the line
  • Calculate costs - budget for the cost of installation when deciding on your fence
  • Clear any debris - try to clear the area in advance ready for the team to undertake your fence on driveway installation
  • Consult with the installation team - if you have any questions or requirement

The professional installation option is always recommended due to the added peace of mind it gives you. Professionals who do this day in, and day out are great at what they do and are fast and efficient. You will not have to worry about providing tools, weather conditions, or getting your measurements right – it is all left to someone else.

You do not want to be in a position where you have chosen the perfect fence that will fit your preferences only to bodge the installation completely which ruins the result. It is also a matter of safety, having the fence fitted securely ensures stability, and there will not be any unintended gaps for animals to sneak in and out due to poor installation.

man installing fence on driveway with a hammerman installing fence on driveway with a hammer

DIY installation

If fitting the fence, yourself, you will want to ensure that you appropriately plan before receiving it. Mark out any areas in your driveway along with preparing any tools you will need to fit your fence

Marking the fence line with string ensures a good straight line to work from. Take your time, and keep in mind weather conditions as this can make the installation more difficult, and more time-consuming.

You should also ensure that you have any necessary safety gear equipped to stay safe while carrying out the installation. Depending on the size of the fence and the job, it can require a team of people to get the job done quickly and safely.

If you do choose to tackle it yourself, make sure that you have an adequate number of people helping you complete the work. It can be easy to underestimate the amount of work required with moving, unpacking, and installing your chosen fence while being accurate.

Maintenance and security tips

After installation, you will want to perform regular maintenance to keep your fence and panels in top shape. At Buy Fencing Direct, many of our fences are pressure treated and have an anti-rot guarantee. Even so, it is important to still carry out regular maintenance tasks to keep your fence looking its best.

With our pressure-treated fences, no additional treatment is required, but you can consider an additional treatment if you so choose.

It is worth scheduling a regular inspection of your fence and panels every month or two to check for any damage from pets, loose screws, or loose dirt at the base caused by animals. You can also spend this time cutting back any plants that have become overgrown as this can impact the health and longevity of your fence.

Another extra that you will want to consider is additional security. Adding enhancements like security alarms and cameras can help further secure your driveway giving you extra peace of mind.

Conclusion: maximise security and curb appeal

The importance of a sleek and visually pleasing fence on driveway space cannot be overstated. It is the first thing that passersby and potential buyers in the future will see.

Not only that but having a safe and secure fence installed will deter any trespassers or criminals from accessing your property or vehicle.

Although we all have different stylistic preferences, practices such as keeping on top of the lawn with mowing and keeping your fence in top shape really do dramatically affect the appeal and general appearance of your house.

It does not all have to cost a fortune either, something as simple as adding more plants that complement the design of your fence and home can make a huge difference.

acoustic noise reduction fence panels - ideal driveway fence panels to keep out exterior soundacoustic noise reduction fence panels - ideal driveway fence panels to keep out exterior sound
Forest 6' x 6' Acoustic Noise Reduction Tongue and Groove Fence Panel (1.83m x 1.80m) - Click Image to View

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