a run of fencing with a fence topper - one of our fence extension ideas

Do you crave a higher fencing run to provide increased privacy and security in your garden? Here we provide a range of fence extension ideas, which will show you how to make a garden fence higher and keep within the law.

Easy to install, our methods show how to extend a fence, including fence topper ideas, such as trellis screens and privacy screens. We will guide you through everything you need to know and discuss legal aspects and the importance of keeping your neighbours happy and informed.

How to heighten a fence with our fence extension ideas

There are various aspects to consider when thinking about how to heighten a fence. These include measurements, deciding between decoration and security as well as using a post extender. We discuss each of these in turn below but be sure to also check out our other guide on how to make your fence taller.

Measuring the extra height

We sell a range of fence heights from 3ft fence panels to 6ft fence panels, but sometimes a little extra height is needed for an existing fence. Measuring up with the help of a second pair of hands and a tape measure is the best way to start quantifying your options. There are sometimes local restrictions on fence height (more on that a little later) but we first need to figure out the height.

You may want to consider which direction your garden faces, whether you want the same height all the way around, and which areas would benefit from additional privacy. This is all very much a matter of personal choice and taste, so take the time to figure out what is right for you.

a pressure treated with a built-in fence toppera pressure treated with a built-in fence topper
Forest 6' x 6' Kyoto Pressure Treated Decorative Fence Panel (1.8m x 1.8m) - Click Image to View

Choosing between decoration and security

Our list of fence extension ideas is designed to offer you the right balance between aesthetics and privacy. You want to be able to feel comfortable in your garden and know that your valuables — like bike storage — are safe, while also creating a sense of style.

Intricate or ornate trellis can add an artistic flourish to your existing fence and outdoor space. While they will be perfectly capable of standing up to the elements, they are not designed to be load-bearing or able to withstand substantial amounts of force. For this reason, we think of them more as decorative options that add privacy.

For those focused a little more on home security, a solid extra board at the top may be a more suitable choice. Once again, this is all about finding something you feel comfortable with as you extend fence height.

There is no right or wrong answer when you want to know how to extend a fence. The most important aspects to consider are the benefits you want to enjoy from your new-look fencing.

Once you have decided on the primary benefit you want to enjoy, we need to talk you through the different options out there.

Our top 6 fence extension ideas

While anyone can, in principle, put any of our fence extension ideas into practice with a DIY approach, a robust solution is always best. Here are our top 6 ideas for extending the height of your fence.

a fence cap - a vital foundation for your fence topper ideasa fence cap - a vital foundation for your fence topper ideas
Forest Fence Post Cap 13 x 13cm - Click Image to View

Use taller fence posts and fittings

Consider using taller fence posts like 7ft fence posts and 8ft fence posts to suit the task at hand. The fact that the wood is fully treated (either pressure treated, or dip treated) will help it stand up to the elements and the extra height will allow for additional features to be added, such as a trellis. In addition, the durable nature of the fixtures and fittings (such as post caps) will hold all of our fence topper ideas in place and add that little extra height.

Wooden trellis for decoration

Adding a simple piece of wooden trellis to the top of your fencing will let the natural light flow through while adding a touch of style, and support for climbing plants.

Extra boards for home security

The more private nature of solid boards provides enhanced privacy that protect from prying eyes and make you feel safer in your home and more comfortable in your garden.

Metalwork for ornate detailing

Another common option is metalwork. While using metal is certainly stronger than trellis, its primary function is still decorative and adding visual interest.

Fence post spikes (also known as supports)

These are metal spikes, which attach at the bottom of the fence post. They provide a stable base onto which extra fencing materials can be added. These spikes can extend the height of the fence by providing additional structural integrity and stability at the bottom, meaning the posts generally don’t need to be dug as deep into the ground.

Fence post extenders

It may sound obvious, but it is possible to by fence post extenders that attach on to the top of a post. These are blocks of wood that typically adding anything from 1-4 foot at the top of a fence post.

fence post spikefence post spike
Forest Fence Post Support Spike - Click Image to View the Range

Fence topper ideas and materials

No list of fence topper ideas would be complete without a quick word on the varied materials that are out there for you to choose from. We’ve covered some of these above but you can find a rundown of the most common materials for fence toppers below, together with their benefits.

Wooden fence toppers

Whether it is an additional solid panel, a few more slats put together with some DIY, or a decorative trellis, wood is the material of choice. When treated and sealed it will stand up to the elements and can be used to provide a seamless extension that blends right in.

Metal fence toppers

Typically made from coated aluminium or wrought iron, these fence toppers will certainly require a post extender to mount the extra weight. They are mostly used for decorative purposes and can be modern and minimalist, highly ornate, or anything in between. Finding a style that is in keeping with the rest of your outdoor space is the key here.

Privacy screens or netting

These options are more commonly used when you want to keep pests (e.g. birds, butterflies & moths, insects, rabbits, rodents, slugs), and domestic animals (e.g. cats and dogs) out of your garden to protect seedlings or a new lawn. They will typically be made from a lightweight plastic mesh and can be easily mounted on timber battens by those with only modest DIY experience. They are also a good temporary solution when moving into a new home with an overlooked garden.

a 3ft tall pressure treated panel - no need to worry about fence height regulations herea 3ft tall pressure treated panel - no need to worry about fence height regulations here
Forest 6' x 3' Pressure Treated Vertical Closeboard Fence Panel (1.83m x 0.92m) - Click Image to View

Legal considerations

At Buy Fencing Direct we want to make sure you understand all your options, and that includes the legal aspects when considering fence extension ideas. We have all seen stories in the news or on TV of neighbour disputes that have run on for years and years over something relatively trivial. In many cases, the fuse was lit by a simple boundary dispute or a row over fencing blocking out light.

In the UK, your fence panels can be as high as 2m including the additional height added by the fence topper. Even if you go for a decorative trellis that lets through plenty of light, this upper limit still stands. If, however, your fence extension ideas exceed 2m in total, you will need to contact your local authority for advice on applying for planning permission.

Fencing installation tips

We have already touched on post extenders as the tool for the job when you want to hold your fence extension ideas in place. But what about if you want to weigh up your options and consider a different approach?

A common technique, particularly when installing relatively lightweight trellis toppers, is to use timber battens cut to size. Using an appropriate depth of wood screw and mounting the battens on the rear face of your fence posts is your first job. The battens should be cut such that they extend above your post, level with the height your trellis screens will stop. Simply screw your choice of decorative trellis to the front face of the battens and you have shown the rest of the family how to heighten a fence in style!

How to make a garden fence higher aesthetically and practically

Adding a little extra privacy to the garden is no longer a case of having to contend with intrusive or large-scale fencing. Now you can add aesthetic finishes which combine style and function, all while you match the look you want to create in your green oasis.

The key is to take your time measuring up, find a style that you like, and then get a helping hand with the installation if you need to. A little extra privacy and comfort can make the world of difference when you want to get the most out of your wooden decking, new garden table, or just enjoy some garden games.

a garden table set - a place to sit and ponder your fence extension ideasa garden table set - a place to sit and ponder your fence extension ideas
Forest Sleeper Bench & Refectory Wooden Garden Table Set 6'x2' (1.8x0.7m) - Click Image to View

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