How deep must a fence post be set for a 6ft fence

Every garden landscaper or builder will tell you that if the supporting fence posts are not correctly positioned or dug deep enough, your fence will be weak and will not last.

If you find yourself in a situation where fence posts have not been built properly or are old then remove them and use this guide to install new and correct posts.

First of all, fence posts can be purchased from any DIY and outdoor store as well as online. On site you will find all sorts of accessories that will aid and keep your fence in top condition.

When it comes to selecting fence panels, take a look at our in depth guide which will help you determine what is best for you.

How to install fence posts:

  1. The first thing you will want to do is to measure out in your garden the width between your fence posts. This can be done easily using string and timber sticks as well as a tape measure. This has to be accurate so that the fence panels can slide in once assembled.
  2. Now that you have the dimensions worked out, using either a special post digger or spade dig down 2ft into the soil. A rule of thumb is that 1/3rd the height of the fence panel should be reflected in how deep the post should be. We highly recommend in investing in a post digger as they are very easy to use and reduces the complexity of the task.
  3. Using a hose, wet the individual post holes so that all debris can be removed as well as compacting the soil ready for posting.
  4. This part requires two hands – one person holds the post into the ground straight and uses a bubble square to make sure that it is in fact straight. The second person then pours in the concrete mix and together hold the post straight until it starts to harden.
  5. Re-cover the surface with soil and there we have it, a standing fence post that is deep enough to support a 6ft fence.

a wooden, pressure treated fence post in situ a close up view of a concrete fence post in situ

Words of advice

Make sure you assess the area you are digging for any wires or pipes as this can cause serious trouble if damaged and even death.

If you are using timber posts make sure that they are well treated for example pressure treated so that they can sustain the rot.

Always double check dimensions and measurements so that the fence line will be complete and ready to support your fence panels without the risk of fence failure.

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