How to choose your fence panels?

Fence panels are a necessity to any garden or area of land for that matter, to split up your land between neighbouring patches. 9 times out of 10 you will have an already existing fence line however if you want to find guides and tips on how to erect a fence or how to distinguish which fence line is yours if you have just moved in, then look here.

When it comes to a fence panel it needs to be long lasting, attractive, and easy to fit. At BuyFencingDirect all our panels are just that. Depending on your budget and garden size there are numerous styles and sizes of fence panels for you to choose from. Another crucial factor is the purpose of the fence. 


The first thing you want to determine is what size panel you require. Fence panels typically come in 3ft -6ft panels and the easiest way is to measure your old panels. If you have no panels already then follow the blog on how to build a fence here and then choose a size suitable for your garden.


Once you have distinguished what size fence you will need you can then choose which style fence you would like, namely traditional Lap fencing, Close board, DIY fencing or other fences including trellis and screening.

Lap Fence

Traditional Lap fence panel's provide privacy between garden borders, are attractive and very easily erected. If concrete posts are available, inserting a gravel board first to stop the base rotting, you then slot the fence panel in between the two posts and done. Traditional fencing is perfect if you are on a budget but will require annual treatment in order to keep the fence in top condition. Security wise a fence line is created but depending on size will play a large part in the level it offers, for example a 3ft panel will offer low security whilst a 6ft offers higher.

Close Board 

Close board panels are a premium version of a Lap Fence panel and are more expensive but have longer lasting guarantees and are made using overlapping Feather edge wood panels which makes them a more attractive option also. Great privacy is offered as well as security. Again they are very easy to erect and are a good investment.

Pressure Treated

A step up from the previous panels  are the Pressure treated panels. Pressure treated panels have been rigorously treated with a high pressure that forces a preservative deep into the timber and this massively increases the defence towards weathering. Pressure treated panels are more expensive however are much more durable and need little to no maintenance and have a 10-20 year guarantee depending on the price and style. Security and Privacy are offered with the larger sizes but reduces with size reduction.


DIY Fencing is perfect if you want to “do it yourself” and build your own fence to suit your needs. DIY packs are widely available and are relatively easy to build. You can choose either a cheaper standard pack or a pressure treated pack and this includes lengths of pressure treated panels which will have to be attached to the standing supports. Here is a guide that covers DIY fencing. Depending on how close you position the panels will reflect privacy and also a tall fence will deter any thieves.

Trellising and Screening

If you are only looking for small time fencing or a lovely way to add a different touch to the garden you may want to look at trellising. We are seeing more and more fence panel/trellis combinations in gardens. Privacy is lowered when trellising is used and typically they are positioned within the garden, ideal for keeping pets safe in the garden but allowing you visuals down the other sections of your garden. Trellis is often placed on top of fence panels as it will not hold weight of a fence jumper and will cause noise when attempted break ins are tried.

Screening is often a collection of bamboo stems fitted together to create a private screening but very low security as they are only often two stems thick. These two options are purely for cosmetic enhancements of the garden and are cheap to buy.


Finally, if none of the above take your fancy and you have a larger budget, why not take a look at our decorative fence panels we have on offer. They really will impress and add a sleek touch to any garden.

As always we advise proper treatment and care is undertaken with your panels to ensure they stay strong and healthy throughout the years. Some panels will need more care, some less. One thing you can be sure of is that all our panels are top quality and very competitively priced.

For more information on our low level fencing check out our video below: