Want to know how to make picket fencing?

Picket Fencing is fencing that has a traditional appearance, lengths of timber attached to two long widths of timber. The planks are positioned with space between and this gives low level privacy/security but is ideal for front gardens or sections of the garden that you keep your pets in. 

Picket fencing is very easy to make yourself as well as cheap however if you do not fancy creating your very own picket fencing then check out the panels we have on offer.

Picket fencing is very low cost and easy to make which if what you need is small scale fencing then it couldn’t be any better. The fencing however is only a temporary fence and will not last a long time. To increase its lifetime we suggest you treat the timber before hand with a preservative or even purchase pressure treated timber as this will ensure a much longer fence.

The Build:

The first question you will have is "How to make a picket fence".

Resources Needed:

Materials you will require are:

  • Picket planks
  • Timber lengths
  • Fence posts and nails.

 Picket fencing is very easy to make and very quick to make.

Fence Posts:

Your going to need to erect the fence posts first for you to then attach the timber planks. Here is a detailed guide that shows you just how to make effective fence posts.

Attaching rail planks:

Once you have your fence posts standing you can then attach planks width wise using nails and a hammer. If you want a stronger build then we suggest you use a screwdriver with long enough screws that do not stick out the back.

Work out then distance between your fence posts and either have the timber rails cut to a specific width or cut them down yourself. Remember two rail lengths are required so that you can safely attach the picket planks. To cut down the lengths you can use a saw or if you have access to a machine saw this will take out all the elbow work! if not you can have timber cut to a length you choose at all DIY stores.

Picket Placement:

Now that your rails are attached you can work out using a tape the distance between your fence posts and how many picket planks you have and therefore how many will fit between. Then you can work out the space you will leave between each picket. If you want to add higher privacy then reduce the space between the pickets.


Adding a gate is also very easy. Using hinge brackets you can attach a similar section however you must add a diagonal brace to increase the durability of the fence allowing it to withstand constant use. Add a bolt bracket and this will keep it shut when not in use.

After reading this blog perhaps creating your own fencing is sounding less appealing or a project you simply do not have time for. If that is the case then check out our most popular Picket fencing we have on offer as well as a vast other range on the site here.