Installing fence posts may seem daunting, but it is a straight forward process. Once in place you can attach the desired fence panels and get the look that you want for your garden.

Installing a fence post into soil

Tools needed

  • Spade
  • Fence post
  • Hardcore or gravel
  • Post mix cement
  • Spirit level
  • Timber batons
  • Tape measure

Fixing the fence post directly into soil

  1. Dig out a 600 mm deep and 300 mm wide hole (the depth of this hole should allow a quarter of you fence post to be below ground)
  2. Then fill the hole up to 25 mm with hardcore / gravel
  3. Place the fence post into the ground
  4. Gradually fill the with the dry post mix cement and compact down using the timber baton
  5. Check that the fence post is square using the spirit level
  6. Once the cement is 25 mm from the top of the hole, pour in water
  7. Use temporary batons to secure the fence post into place
  8. Once the cement has hardened, remove the batons and cover the remainder of the hole with soil.

Alternatively, fixing into earth

Use a Fencefast Easy-fit Spike for a simple solution that is easy to install.

If fixing a high level panel so 5’ or 6’ then use the Fencefast Easy-Fit Spike 750mm, if fixing a low level panel 4’ or 3’ then use the Fencefast Easy-fit Spike 650mm.

  1. Make a pilot hole using a metal rod or bar. This will help the spike to position itself correctly and also alert you of any underground obstructions.
  2. Insert the spike into the pilot hole and using the specially designed Driving Tool, hammer the spike into the ground with firm blows from a sledge hammer.
  3. Frequently check the spike with a level to ensure that the box is vertical and make any corrections with the driving tool.
  4. Finally locate the box to its correct height and position. When the box has reached its desired position carefully insert the fence post and tighten up the retaining bolts