a run of pressure treated fence panels - one of our great fencing decoration ideas

Do you want to walk out the back door and see your dream green space unfold before your eyes? Are you searching for fencing decoration ideas that tie everything together in a style that just feels right for your outdoor space?

We are going to take a look at the decorative fencing ideas that will make it happen so you can find something you love. You will find sparks of inspiration, new additions to consider, and a whole host of practical hints and tips to decorate your wooden fence!

Creative decorative fencing ideas

When you are looking to buy fencing online you want to know you are investing in something that will always look the part. The style, colour, and decorative additions all need to combine in perfect harmony so you can create the space you have always wanted. Luckily for you, that is where we come in. Here are our top four fencing decoration ideas that you simply cannot afford to miss.


1)    Birdhouses add timeless style

You can turn traditional fence panels into a veritable nature reserve with nothing more than a couple of well-appointed birdhouses. They come in such a diverse range of styles that you are sure to find something you love, all while welcoming the beautiful songs of wild birds into your garden.

2)    Lighting works wonders in all seasons

Imagine sitting and relaxing amongst the cosy ambience of your pergola while your nearby fencing is delicately illuminated with warm white fairy lights. It is the simple and homely way to make those long evenings stretch out before you. Approaching Christmas, you could also use seasonal decoration lighting to add a yuletide WOW factor.

3)    Hanging baskets extend the greenery

Many of us would like to step into the garden and see rolling greenery as far as the eye can see, which is why adding a couple of hanging baskets is a popular option to brighten up an old fence line. They give you the perfect combination of eye-level foliage blended with the privacy of premium quality fencing.


4)    Living walls are on-trend right now

Going one step further and turning your arched trellis into a full living wall that feels like it is a natural extension of your greenery could be the way to go. These types of decorative fencing ideas are all about using climbing plants for new textures, colours, and delightful blooms that come to life right throughout the year.

a living wall made from 3 tall wall planters - one of our decorative fencing ideasa living wall made from 3 tall wall planters - one of our decorative fencing ideas
5'11 Forest Slatted Tall Wall Planter (0.6m x 0.18m) - Click Image to View

Now that we have got you thinking, it is time to double-check the practical bits and pieces.

Choosing decorations for different garden fence types

While every type of fencing is designed to last and stand up against the elements, certain types lend themselves better to specific decorative options. Solid fencing, for example, will always be stronger than a more elegant section of a planter trellis. Here is how you can home in on the right decorative fencing ideas based on which type of existing fence you have.

closeboard fencing - one of our range of fencing decoration ideascloseboard fencing - one of our range of fencing decoration ideas
Forest 6' x 5' Pressure Treated Vertical Closeboard Fence Panel (1.83m x 1.52m) - Click Image to View

Closeboard fencing

The mechanical strength of a closeboard wooden fence makes it ideal for load-bearing items such as birdhouses and large bug hotels. Some even opt for more vintage additions like windows and metalwork to adorn this variety of garden fencing. Murals are also an option to consider with closeboard fencing because the nature of the design lends itself to serving as a smooth canvas.

Decorative trellis

No list of fencing decoration ideas would be complete without at least a brief mention of climbing plants, so here it is! Imagine being able to sit back and relax while you take in the natural ebbs and flows of a climber illuminated with soft fairy lights. That is what real relaxation looks like, when you install a decorative trellis.

Picket fencing

Going in a more traditional direction with your wooden fence allows you to use small climbing plants which do not grow as fast or need as much pruning. While a trellis is designed for thicker plant life, keeping things a little sparser will allow the beautiful simplicity of the picket fence shape to still catch the eye.


Slatted fencing

For those who are looking for something truly modern that offers a unique combination of natural light and refined privacy, slatted fencing could be the way to go. You will probably want to select decorative fencing ideas that are minimal and modern to match your style of fencing. A metalwork clock, or a minimalist birdhouse in keeping with the contemporary look you are creating, would be something to consider.

single slatted fencing - another of our decorative fencing ideassingle slatted fencing - another of our decorative fencing ideas
Forest 6' x 6' Pressure Treated Contemporary Slatted Fence Panel (1.8m x 1.8m) - Click Image to View

Maybe you have not quite found something that catches your eye. There is always scope for a little flourish of DIY creativity in our next batch of fencing decoration ideas.

DIY decorative fencing ideas

The DIY route allows you to add a touch of your signature style to our fencing decoration ideas. This is all about creating a homely, relaxing space that you never want to leave after all.

Murals add an artistic flourish

If you are artistically minded, reaching for your brushes will allow you to bring your fencing to life. Coastal scenes and floral depictions are both particularly popular right now, but do not feel constrained if you have something else in mind. Our fencing decoration ideas are just a starting point — use them as inspiration any way you wish!

A chalkboard for the kids

Adding some chalk paint to a dedicated section of your closeboard fencing is a wonderful way to offer something for the little ones. They will be able to brighten up the place with their creations, all while you break the cycle of screen time and get them outdoors in the sunshine.

a bug hotel - one of our decorative fencing ideas for the kidsa bug hotel - one of our decorative fencing ideas for the kids

Make your own bug hotels

If you want a nature-led garden that attracts plenty of wildlife to your front door, this could be the one for you. Something as simple as a homemade wooden box packed with twigs, sawdust, and a few hideaway holes is all it takes to add a bug hotel to any of your contemporary fence panels. It also makes a great craft project you can do with the kids to get them excited about the wonders of the natural world.

Now that you have heard all about our decorative fencing ideas, we need to finish off with a few tips on how to keep things looking as good as new.

Maintenance of decorated fences

Here are our top five tips for making sure your decorative fencing ideas never lose their shine:

  • Inspect hardware fixings – as a part of your regular inspections be sure to inspect your hardware fixings. Be sure to tighten any hinges, brackets, screws, etc., which will keep the long-term structural integrity of the fencing in place. This is especially important when adding extra weight with birdhouses and bug hotels, etc.
  • Regular cleaning – always keep the surface clean and debris-free. If possible, use soapy water and a non-abrasive material to remove dirt, grease, and grime layers. Pressure washing is another option, but be careful to avoid damaging your fence with the high-power levels
  • Regular inspections – plan to inspect your fencing regularly, we suggest two to three times per year. Preferably diarise this, or add it to your calendar, so you do not forget
  • Sealing and staining - seal any chips or cracks promptly to avoid the damage getting worse. Staining or painting dip treated wood annually with a high-quality wood preservative is essential for their long-term viability
  • Trim nearby vegetation – always trim back overgrown vegetation near the fencing. Plants near the base, create moisture which leads to rotting. Shrubs and trees may have branches, which hit the fence (particularly in winds) that leads to damage


You are now ready to create beautiful decorative fence panels that match things like arches and other aesthetic elements in your garden. It is time you started to express yourself.

Express your style outdoors with our top fencing decoration ideas

Your garden can be anything you want it to be, especially when what you want is a little green oasis or maybe an outdoor living room that allows you to get away from it all. Something as simple as putting a few of our fencing decoration ideas into practice really will beautify your garden in a truly timeless way. Just what you want to hear when it is time to switch off and relax.

And for those looking to put their own stamp on things, do not forget that our list of decorative fencing ideas comes complete with a few DIY options to consider. Now it is over to you to get creative!

a slatted garden arch - the ideal pairing to our fencing decoration ideasa slatted garden arch - the ideal pairing to our fencing decoration ideas
Forest Contemporary Slatted Garden Arch 3'8 x 2'5 - Click Image to View

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