You do not have to seal yourself into the home for months awaiting a warmer climate, you can get out in the garden, enjoy it despite the cold and dark and even enjoy a little bit of gardening.

So if you are of the type of person that does not want to say goodbye to the garden just yet, take a look at what you could be doing on the other side of the curtains.

What to do in your garden during winter

It might be on the chilly side over the winter months but this does not mean that you cannot still enjoy your outside space. There are a number of things you can do in your garden over the winter including planting certain crops and vegetables, hosting barbeques and even a party or two.

To make any outside activity that little bit more comfortable during winter, you can simply bring some heat and light to the occasion.

Purchase patio heaters

These are a great way of making it much cosier when you are sitting on your patio or decking. They will allow you to keep warm whether you are having a little get-together or just fancy a little bit of reading. These can either be the electric type or a fire pit type, with the latter offering a bit more oomph in the heat department.

Add some outdoor lighting

Not only do we have the cold to battle during winter but also the light. Winter brings shorter days where it starts to get dark far earlier than in summer. Simply purchase some outdoor lighting to not only bring a bit more light but also add some extra character to your outdoor space.

Winter gardening – what to plant during winter

Whilst you might think that your garden will become pretty worthless for growing vegetables and herbs, you would be completely wrong. You can start growing everything from garlic and lettuce to radish, spinach and cabbage out in the open just a few months before Christmas and have them ready to pick by February.

Make sure you do your research to discover just when it is a good time to plant certain crops and plants. Your options may be more limited but you can still get your fingers a little green during winter nonetheless. You might as well have your garden growing something as it’s better than growing nothing at all.

Preparing your garden for the warmer months

When the colder months are coming to an end you will probably already be looking forward to getting your garden producing optimal amounts of vegetables and herbs once more. However, you should not be waiting for the weather to change and in fact its best getting into your garden as early as possible in order to prepare it for spring.

Your garden might actually look quite tired by now but you will soon start to see the blossoming plants and flowers come the start of spring.

  • If you have a greenhouse, winter is the perfect time to get it tidied out. Have a good clean out and check for any damage.
  • Check your watering system to see if it is still in good working order. This could be either the over the ground or under the ground type, with each needing to checked for leaks or blocked up nozzles.
  • Prepare your soil by adding compost to any open planting beds that you have. Simply throw in ample amounts of compost before leaving them completely exposed to the winter weather.
  • Get ready for your new vegetable garden by deciding what you are going to plant. When it is close to the end of winter it is the perfect time to start planting again.

So as you can see, there is still so much you can do in the garden throughout winter. You can enjoy a bit of planting, prepare it for spring and even have a few little parties or social gatherings through the help of some added heat.