As the weather begins to change and spring turns into summer, more and more people leave the confines of their homes to enjoy their outdoor spaces. Many people have garden areas with decking and the key is making the outdoor decking more inviting for parties, dinners, other activities, or just for relaxing in the peace and quiet. There are a number of ways to make a homely decking space, including with cosy seating, added lighting, the creation of more privacy, adding ambiance, and by using other tools and accessories to turn the outdoor decking area into a true living space. Decking can be made into an oasis; a place to get some down time with the following enhancements.

Making your decking homely

Comfortable furniture

While outdoor plastic furniture may be inexpensive it certainly lacks the versatility and comfort necessary for spending long periods of time outside on the decking. Folding lawn chairs is simply not the best choice for designing a dining and/or living area in an outdoor space. Decking decor like comfortable outdoor sofas and chairs are what is needed, especially to pull up next to a nice fire pot or outdoor fireplace.

Choose pieces that will create comfort like those that have plush cushions, plenty of back support, and maybe even a chaise longue or small daybed that will allow for a bit of relaxation on a lazy afternoon. Investing in comfortable furniture will allow family and friends to enjoy the decking and the garden. If the decking is going to be used by children and grownups alike, it may be a good idea to invest in separate outfits of furniture, some that is more child-friendly and some that is more elegant for adults.


Outdoor screens and patio covers can be used to add shaded areas to the decking. While sitting out in the sun and enjoying the weather is part of the outdoor experience, it is never a good idea to sit in the direct sunlight for long periods of time. Furthermore, it can get relatively hot as it gets deeper into summer. Limiting exposure to the harmful rays of the sun or to keep from getting too hot can be accomplished by adding certain shading accessories like a canopy, awning, umbrella, or outdoor drop screens.

Screens can be custom fit to existing structures and are generally made of weather resistant materials. This may be an easy add on to the decking, while a more permanent solution may be a sort of patio cover, like a lattice covered structure that will act as a semi-enclosure for the decking. Vine foliage like ivy can be planted in such a way it grows throughout the lattice, creating cool and tranquil areas on the decking. Shading can reduce the temperature on the decking quite significantly, making it more comfortable to spend time on when the summer temperature rises.

While the lattice, or pergola, idea is quite traditional, there are modern options for covering the decking such as a louvered roof cover. This type of cover is adjustable; it can be changed as the outdoor conditions change. The louvers on such a structure can be closed to block out pouring rain or the heat of the sun, making it comfortable and practical to use the decking in just about any condition. The louvers can even be adjusted in such a way to create partial shade and to allow for air circulation. On more comfortable days, or perfect days, the louvers can be opened all the way to welcome in all the wonderful sunshine.


Some of these same accessories like screens, outdoor curtains, a wall, planting strategically placed plants, shrubs, or trees, and even planters can create a sense of privacy. This is especially important when living near other homes where people can see into the gardens of their neighbours. Privacy can be created, while also maintaining an open and airy feel. These types of accessories or structures can create an obstructed view, but without having to completely enclose the decking on all sides.


The decking area may be used most often during daylight hours, but lighting can be added to extend the usefulness of the decking to make it like a real living space. The lighting does not have to be extremely bright to be functional, but just bright enough to illuminate the area to make it safe to use. Good lighting options include string outdoor lights, portable exterior fixtures, a fire pit, lanterns, or even Tiki torches.


Adding elements of decking decor that will create a sense of ambiance will make the decking feel much more comfortable. This can be done by adding chimes, water features, fragrant plants and flowers, bird houses, bird feeders, and the like. Consider the features and functions of decor that will fill create comfort for family and friends; use colour to help create the desired feel. The time devoted to making the selections for a homely decking area should be in line with the amount of time the area is expected to be used. It is not enough to just add a table and a few chairs on a plain wooden decking to make the space inviting and comfortable. View the decking and garden as an extension of the home and choose furnishings that can be enjoyed and will feel a part of the home.