How to Use Garden Trellis

Trellis Makes A Garden Beautiful  

Garden trellis, often referred to as lattice, is a simple, effective way to improve your garden’s appearance.

Attractive in its own right, trellis really comes into its own when adorned with climbing plants. This is when it offers you something incredibly beautiful and truly unique.

That said, the benefits of lattice aren’t confined to giving a garden a general makeover, for it has many practical uses too.

Let’s take a look at 6 of these additional benefits, all of which will enable you to transform your garden space.  

6 Practical Benefits of Trellis

1. Trellis Increases Garden Space

The real purpose of trellis is to support climbing plants.

Therefore, when you have trellis, you can grow vertically as well as horizontally, and display plants in previously inaccessible areas of the garden.

These areas might include the top of a fence panel, the back of a trellis planter or against a brick wall.

What’s more, trellis needn’t just be decorative; it can also be used to help you grow your own produce.

2. Trellis Adds Height to A Fence

Trellis fence toppers are a superb way to increase the height of your fence panels.

As well as beautifying your boundary, they will also enhance your garden’s privacy levels.

A trellis fence can even be used to improve security.

After all, lightweight toppers and prickly climbing plants would present a difficult obstacle for any intruder.

3. Trellis Is an Effective Garden Partition

Garden arch trellis and trellis obelisks are wonderful ways to mark a favourite place or separate different sections within a garden.

This is because trellis complements, rather than dominates, a view.

For those of you with a real eye for design, certain trellis structures can even be used to play with perspective or mark particular themes within a garden’s overall design.

4. Trellis Disguises the Unsightly

Trellis panels make exceptionally popular garden screens.

After all, what better way to disguise unsightly wheelie bins than with garden trellis?

Furthermore, the flowers’ fragrance masks potentially unpleasant odours coming from the rubbish, itself.

Besides this, can you think of a better way to break up the monotony of a boring brick wall than with wall trellis, decorated with some of nature’s finest flowers?

5. Trellis Offers You A Garden Hideaway

Trellis often features on arbours and gazebos.

It not only adds to their aesthetic appeal but, once adorned with climbers, improves your privacy too.

You could even build your own private garden hideaway using trellis.

Simply assemble 3 garden trellis panels at right angles, train climbing plants to run up their sides, and by next summer you’ll have somewhere completely private in which to relax.

6. Wooden Trellis Panels Improve Natural Light

For obvious reasons, we all like to mark our garden’s boundaries.

However, traditional fence panels and walls can block out natural light, which is bad news for your prized plants.

Wooden trellis panels will solve this potential problem.

Once adorned with climbers, a trellis fence will ensure excellent levels of privacy, whilst still allowing natural light to filter through and help your plants thrive.

Garden Trellis for Sale

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Main image: Forest Hamburg 5’11x5’11 Diamond Trellis Fence Panel

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