Late Summer in the Greenhouse

Practical Greenhouse Tips for Late Summer 

It’s been a scorcher of a summer so far and every plant in your greenhouse has worked hard to thrive and survive. Take some time to get your greenhouse ship shape and carry out those summer greenhouse tasks. 

3 pictures of a woman working in the 8x12 Palram Essence Greenhouse

The Greenhouse

The greenhouse structure itself has been under strain so keep things looking and working well with the following tips and tricks: 

  • Clean down the benching: take everything out, wash down all the bits of debris that always accumulate and place pots back.
  • Clean the glass to allow all the sunlight to get into the greenhouse. The nights are already drawing in (sorry - but they are!).
  • Clean out any guttering so, when it rains, it will be unimpeded and fill any attached water butts quickly and efficiently.
  • Ensure your automatic vent opener is working well and that all moss, algae and even plants are not stopping it opening and shutting.
  • Slugs can get into a greenhouse and munch through a lot of fruit. Cucumbers are particularly at risk. Hunt them down, put down traps and sort before your hard work is undone.
  • If you’re greenhouse is wooden, start thinking about preservatives or paint. A touch early now but you can get great deals on all paints at this time of year. 

4x6 Aluminium Frame Polycarbonate Greenhouse

Rion Grand Gardner 8x8 Green Greenhouse

Forest Mini Greenhouse

Plants in the Greenhouse

And as for the plants - they have done well to survive the high temperatures and strong sunlight. So: 

  • Remove all fruit (tomatoes, cucumbers, aubergines, peppers) as they ripen. It will encourage plants to keep growing and produce more fruit.
  • Check over all plants and nip off side-shoots of tomatoes (if growing straight up canes and supports).
  • Remove any leaves that are yellow or diseased. They are not adding to the plant but will harbour disease. It also makes watering and maintenance easier.
  • Check your watering regimes. Just because you usually water every day doesn't mean the plants need it! Check plants individually and water accordingly.
  • Shade in sunny weather and take down the shade when it is...shady! Making the most of the light is the name of the game whilst protecting plants from damaging extremes.
  • Check for bugs on plants. They can hide in the jungly growth of a mature greenhouse and can cause damage before you realise. 

6x10 Palram Hybrid Silver Greenhouse

8x4 Palram Lean To Silver Hybrid Grow House

Keeping Cool if the Heatwave Continues

Every day you need to be checking the temperature in your greenhouse. Plant proteins in leaves do breakdown at higher temperatures so keep things cool if the hot weather continues. Easy ways to keep cool include: 

  • Shade
  • Damp down the floor to increase humidity
  • Move plants away from the windows
  • Ventilate 

You – the Gardener!

Plus, of course, get yourself your favourite chair, plonk it near the greenhouse and enjoy the view. A greenhouse in full flow is a sight to behold. So, relax and behold it! 

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(Main image: 6x10 Palram Hybrid Green Greenhouse)