Need to know how to put up a fence?

First of all, remember, unless your house deeds state otherwise, you are only responsible for one side of fencing as your neighbor is responsible for the other. Work out which side is yours and if it needs replacing and you have the time and money, do it.

Assuming you have already fence posts standing which are in good condition and capable of holding up fence panels then its very quite simple. However if they need replacing, check out our blog on how to replace and insert fence posts.

Right, you have your broken fence panels. Use a tape measure and work out what size panels they are so you know what size to purchase. Remove the fence panels by pulling them out of the posts, if they are intact they can be pushed up and out of the grooves or if they are broken, just remove them. Be careful of any nails or broken bits of timber, it could cause injury.

You will need some new fence panels and maybe even trellising, head over to our range of amazing quality fence panels here. Once they have been delivered, slot the fence panels into the fence posts making sure they drop to the bottom. We recommend two pairs of hands for this, especially with heavier fence panels. Apply a preservative to enable a longer panel lifetime and make them more attractive.

If your fence is separating parts of the garden, why not add a trellis to give some visuals as well as adding an attractive finish to the garden, check out our trellising here.

A good condition fence line is a must for any garden enthusiasts, don’t put it of till next year, we hear its going to be a warm Summer so make the most of the weather this year.

Check out our great range of fence panels, or take a look at our video if you want to know more about putting up a fence.