Who has ownership of your fence

Fencing is a must for gardens, it creates privacy and a boundary that separates two gardens. It can stop pets from escaping and causing trouble and also keeps pets out. Overall it is a necessity to have a fence that functions correctly. If your struggling on how to put up a fence, check out our detailed guides.

To distinguish who owns fencing between properties can be tricky. Their is no pattern that you can use to work it out as when the houses are built, the builder will choose who owns what which is why you cannot generalise. One way of finding out is to access the conveyance deed to see if it is marked out which fence which house owns. Deeds can be purchased from and is a private process meaning you can purchase your next door neighbours too. If you have a T marked on your side of the fence you own that fence. If you have a H that means that it is owned by both houses and is a shared party fence.

Thankfully, 9/10 you will have a good relationship with your neighbour which means you will not encounter any problems when sorting out fencing. But unfortunately some relationships are non existent and it can become tricky.

A problem with fence ownership is once established your neighbour may refuse to replace his fence when it becomes old and dilapidated. You cannot force him to fix his fence as it is his choice. To overcome this issue, you can build a fence on your land which hides his fence. This has the benefit of securing your garden once more but means it costs twice as much to build and maintain your fence. 

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*More information can be found at http://www.boundary-problems.co.uk/boundary-problems/fences.html

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