The Easy Deck-Bearer system which allows a ground level deck to be built in just a morning, leaving the afternoon for relaxing in the sun.

This new system comprises of pre-notched deck bearers that simply slot together to form a strong decking base framework with minimum effort.

Available in two lengths, the spacing of the bearers on the 3m length is perfect for supporting the Checkerboard tiles, Patio Deck Tiles and all Deckboards, 2.4m bearers are suitable for use with the Deckboards Installing your Pre-Notched deck kit has been made as simple as possible and installed in 3 easy steps!

Building the decking area

Step 1: Make sure the ground surface is level and cover with plastic sheeting or weed control fabric.

Step 2: Make an outer frame, then slot the Easy Deck-Bearers into place, one-by-one. Fix together using Galvanised Screws or Decking Screws to each joint.

Step 3: Fix your chosen decking on top of the Easy Deck-Bearers and enjoy the finished result.