Decking, decking, decking – read all about it! Even though decking has been around for years, people seem to think that it is a new novelty. Many people will tell you that they want it because it looks nice but they can’t afford it or it’s too complicated, well decking has never been easier or cheaper.

So why decking and not patios?

Firstly, the maintenance of decking is a lot easier. Well… there is no maintenance, with patios you have to give them a yearly pressure wash which can be expensive and time-consuming. Compare this with Pressure Treated decking, one coat of preservative and you’re done! Because Pressure Treatment goes right into the grain of the wood, the wood is less likely to rot and it can be guaranteed for 15 years.

The price of decking has come down over recent years as more and more people see it as a viable option for their garden. What used to cost the average customer almost £1000, now only costs a few hundred, so decking is now within reach of the average consumer. The deck boards are a very cost effective method of constructing your own decking, from just £1.93 per metre you can get the deck of your dreams for a very reasonable price!

Decking has never been easier. If you’re someone who is scared of the technicalities of putting up a deck then don’t worry, Deck Kits are the answer! With Deck Kits, you don’t need to worry about any measuring or cutting, simply select the size that will suit your garden. Deck Kits start at £184.99 and come with everything you need to construct a deck, some of them even feature pergolas and handrails.

It has been proven that your garden can also be a much more harmonic place to live and relax in, instead of laying ugly, cold and hard patios, why not lay down some soft and beautiful decking. So whether you want to build a balcony from your patio doors or create a platform that you can sit and enjoy a glass of wine or beer on, you can’t go wrong with decking.