Your Guide to Winter Car Care

Take Care and Be Safe in Your Car This Winter

Cold winter weather presents particular difficulties for drivers, and that’s before we even get started on the morning commute.

Winter car care is a serious consideration, so we’ve gathered some top tips for driving in winter weather and to make your life easier at this challenging time of year.

Where to Store Your Car

One or two shrewd investments now will not only prolong the life of your car, they will help you get on the road with minimal fuss and avoid the stress of running late for work.

These products provide more than just winter car care, they are great year-round performers too.

a car parked outside a large, grey metal garage

Protect Your Car in a Metal Garage

A prefab garage is an excellent way to protect your car from the winter weather.

Once you own a metal garage, frosted windscreens will be a thing of the past and you’ll never have to clear snow off your car roof again.

Furthermore, thieves will stand no chance of getting their hands on your vehicle.

If you’re looking for inspiration, consider the 10x17 Lotus Anthracite Grey Metal Garage.

This prefab garage is expertly constructed from hot-dipped galvanised steel and exquisitely finished in 5 coats of premium paint.

Supplied with a superb 15-year anti-rust guarantee, this metal garage offers unbeatable all-round protection for your valuable car. 

a man on a motorbike outside a green metal motorbike garage

And if You Own a Bike…

When we're thinking about winter car care, we shouldn't forget that motorbikes need protecting too.

In fact, they need even greater protection than cars.

A dedicated motorbike storage shed is just what you need.

Built from PVC-coated galvanised steel and backed by an extraordinary 25-year panel guarantee, the 9x5 Trimetals Protect a Bike Secure Garden Storage meets every requirement.

It is fire-retardant, maintenance-free and boasts some amazing security features, including a ground anchor, a Thatcham-approved 1.5m padlock and chain, a keyed handle with 2 locking bars, a battery-operated alarm, and much more.

Never mind cold weather, this bike shed provides your valuable motorbike with complete protection from every eventuality.

a white car underneath a grey polycarbonate carport

Carports Provide Weatherproof Protection Too

If you don't have the necessary space for a garage, how about purchasing a carport instead?

A carport will protect your vehicle from snow, sleet and rain, as well as providing you with cover when you’re getting in or out of the car.

Plus, there’s no keys to find or garage doors to close. As soon as you reach your car, you’re all ready to go.

For a top-notch car shelter, consider the 17x10 Palram Verona 5000.

This premium carport is designed with clean, contemporary lines, as well as slide and lock installation for a simple assembly.

This stylish carport is backed by a 10-year guarantee, UV-protected and maintenance free.

For a wide range of carports, to suit your taste and budget, take a look at Buy Fencing Direct's carports now.

Driveway Care

Winter car care includes driveway care. Even with a garage or carport, you still need to make sure your driveway is safe and clear.

a snow covered driveway with gate

If frost or snow is predicted for the next morning, scatter driveway salt before you head to bed. If your car is out in the open, invest in a windscreen cover and put this in place too. You'll be grateful for it in the morning.

After a large snowfall, shovel snow out of the way. The last layer of snow, which never quite comes up, can turn into a dangerous slick so re-sprinkle it with salt or grit.

Remember that fresh fallen snow is easier to clear than snow that has become hard-packed from people walking over it. So, although few people enjoy shovelling snow, it's best to do it sooner rather than later.

If you do shovel snow, make sure you don't pile it on top of your drains or on to paths.

Small Garden Storage for Shovels, Bags of Salt & More

a green metal garden storage unit with its fold up door raised to reveal garden equipment

Bags of grit and shovels aren’t the sort of things you can store in your car boot so, in icy or snowy conditions, you need small garden storage to keep everything safe and to-hand.

The 6x3 Rowlinson Large Green Metal Secure Store fits the bill perfectly.

Built from PVC-coated galvanised steel, with an integral steel floor and a 10-year guarantee, this metal store oozes strength and style.

You will instantly find everything required to get you safely on your way.

a wooden garden storage chest on a gravel driveway

If metal isn't your style, a compact wooden storage chest is another great option.

This superb garden storage chest is ideal for bags of salt, jugs of screen wash, de-icers and more.

It's pressure treated too, so comes with a 15-year guarantee and there's no need to retreat it, leaving you one less thing to worry about on cold winter mornings.

Discover a whole host of garden chests here.

Before Your Start Your Journey

Defrosting Your Windscreen

Do not be tempted to pour warm water on your windscreen. The dramatic change in temperature can cause the screen to crack.

If you must use water, make sure it's cold but be aware that it may freeze again if you don't use your scraper immediately.

Make sure your wipers are off before you start your car. Turning on wipers that are frozen to the windscreen can cause the rubber to tear.

frost car windscreen being scraped for winter car care

Put the heat blower on full and turn on the rear window heater if you have one. While the car and the windows are heating up, this is the time to get out the de-icer and scraper. Do not be tempted to drive off before your window is fully clear.

Also make sure you brush off snow from your front grille and from the roof. Large blocks of snow falling from your car can be dangerous for other drivers.

Emergency Supplies

a 4x4 driving on a snowy country road

Before you head out on frosty or snowy winter days, make sure your car is stocked with anything you'll need for a wintry emergency.

Here are a few ideas of what you may need:

- blanket

- gloves

- de-icer

- torch

- in-car phone charger

- first aid kit

- empty petrol can

- jump leads

- warning triangle

Drive safely!

Garden Storage, Carports and Garages for Sale

a large wooden garage, with open double doors revealing a car

Buy Fencing Direct is a leading supplier of all garden-related products.

Choose from our superb range of prefab garagescarports and garden storage now, so you can protect your car, whatever the winter has in store.

Trust us, when your neighbours’ cars are parked on their driveways, covered in snow, you’ll be grateful for heeding our advice.