Your Guide to Buying a Metal Garage

Why Buy a Metal Garage?

A metal garage is the obvious solution if you need somewhere to park your car but don’t have a conventional garage built onto your home.

A metal garage is strong, secure and weatherproof, providing your valuable vehicle with complete protection from both the elements and unwanted attention.

However, this isn’t where their use ends.

A metal garage is a versatile building and, even if you already own a garage, you’ll be able to find a multitude of other uses for a prefab garage too.

a green metal garage with an apex roof

Let’s take a look at some of the best metal garages on the market and explore how their superb specifications give them the versatility to meet so many different requirements.

Premium Metal Garages and Their Uses

a 12x20 grey metal garage with a large up-and-over door

Your Complete Outdoor Storage Unit

12x20 Sapphire Olympian Anthracite Metal Garage 

Whether you rent a lock-up or have your stored items scattered around your home, imagine how convenient it would be to own an all-in-one, secure garden storage garage like this.

Built from hot-dipped galvanised steel, which will never crack, rust or warp, this metal garage sports a contemporary powder-coated paint finish and is suppled with a 10-year guarantee.

Double doors at the front of the structure, as well as a single door to the rear, ensure that you can lay your hands on any stored item with minimal fuss.

Both sets of doors are lockable, to deter unwanted attention, while ventilated gables keep everything in optimum storage conditions.

a metal garage with its double doors open to reveal a car

Keep Your Car Safe and Sound

Yardmaster 1017 Metal Garage  

If you’re nervous about leaving your new car exposed, and your spouse has already claimed the garage as their own, here is the perfect solution.

Expertly constructed from zinc-plated steel, this metal garage has an unprecedented 7 layers of protection and is backed by a superb 15-year anti-rust guarantee.

The wide double doors provide ample room for a family car and can be securely locked to keep your car safe from thieves.

a very secure, green motorbike garage with its doors open to reveal a bike

Why Your Bike Insurance Premium Went Down

5’2x10’11 Asgard Secure Motorbike Garage Plus 

If your mode of transport has 2 wheels, as opposed to 4, you’re well covered too.

This motorbike garage is recommended by the police, insurance companies and the UK Locksmiths’ Association.

Built in the UK from heavy-duty galvanised steel, it comes with an extraordinary 5-point locking system, an extensive ventilation system and a 10-year guarantee.

In fact, this metal garage is so robust and secure that many insurance companies treat it as a conventional garage for insurance purposes.

a very secure, green motorbike garage with a lean-to roof

Where You Keep Your Valuables

Trimetals MCG960 Premium Motorcycle Garage and Security Storage  

This might be another motorbike shed, but what did we say about versatility?

Just the right size to accommodate 2 bikes, it is perfectly designed for all manner of other garden storage too.

With a key-operated lock, 2 internal locking bars, 2 padlock fixings and an incredible 25-year panel guarantee, who would argue?

The galvanised steel build oozes solidity.

In fact, this metal garage is so secure that you could keep your most valuable, prized possessions inside and still sleep soundly at night.

a car underneath an aluminium and polycarbonate carport

A Potential Alternative for Drivers?

17x12 Palram Arcadia 5000 Metal Carport 

If your only aim is protecting your car from the elements, have you considered a metal carport as an alternative to a garage?

Well, if you want the most convenient car shelter possible, we urge you to do so.

This particular carport is built from polycarbonate roof panels on a powder-coated aluminium frame, so certainly isn’t a downgrade on a garage.

Backed by an impressive 10-year guarantee, it comes with a number of other impressive features too, including laser-cut connectors, an integrated guttering system and anchoring hardware.  

Metal Garages for Sale

a cutout picture of a large, dark grey metal garage

As you can see, metal garages are incredibly versatile garden buildings, and if you want to take advantage of that versatility, you’re in exactly the right place.

Whether you need secure garden storage, a place to work or somewhere to park your car, you’ll find just what you’re after among Buy Fencing Direct’s superb range of metal garages.

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