Your Winter Lawn Care Guide

Winter Lawn Care for A Healthy Lawn

In terms of lawn care, winter may be the quietest time of the year but there are still plenty of tasks for an active gardener, like you.

In fact, taking a small amount of time to care for your lawn this winter will leave you one step ahead of the lawn-care game, come spring.

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Let’s take a look at some of the jobs you can do now, in order to achieve a healthy and attractive garden lawn.

Winter Lawn Care Advice

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Should I Mow My Lawn in Winter?

It’s best to allow your lawn to rest during the winter months, so only mow it after any irregular growth spurts and where absolutely necessary.

Wait for a drier, milder spell and keep your mower on its highest setting, so it only skims the turf.

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Feeding A Lawn in Winter

There’s no need to worry about feeding your lawn during the winter months.

During warmer spells, there might be some minor root growth but, for the best part, the grass will remain dormant until spring.

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Can I Lay New Turf in Winter?

With one eye on the long-range weather forecast, it’s okay to re-turf your lawn in winter.

Please be extra vigilant of the weather forecast, though, because it would be a tragedy if your new turf was delivered on the day of a snowstorm.

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Promote Good Lawn Aeration

Make sure you aerate concentrated areas of grass with a garden fork.

This improves drainage and allows more air to get to the grass’s root system, resulting in a healthier lawn.

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Lawnmower Care

The start of winter is the ideal time to clean and, where appropriate, service your lawnmower.

As most people leave this job until spring, you’re likely to get a service appointment to suit and can negotiate a more competitive price.

If you own a petrol mower, before putting it into garden storage for the winter, drain off any fuel to prevent it from becoming stale.

Neglecting this job may result in it failing to start come spring.

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Leaves and Lawn Care

Continue your work from autumn by raking up any dead leaves.

Large patches of leaves spread disease and can suffocate your lawn.

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Weeds and Moss

Weeds can still grow during milder periods, so remain vigilant and remove them if necessary.

It’s also worth making an early start on moss treatment.

Doing this now will help you control its growth.

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Caring for Your Lawn After Snowfall

If it snows, don’t be tempted to clear the snow off your garden path and onto the grass, as this can cause lawn disease.

Likewise, if your children build a snowman on the lawn, make sure that you remove or spread the snow out, as soon as it starts to melt.

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Problems with Moles

Moles are usually active during the first two months of the year.

If they visit your garden and dig up your lawn, remove the mounds of earth and over seed in spring.

To tackle the prevention rather than the cure, buy a cat that enjoys spending time in the garden.

This will deter the moles from paying you a visit.

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Times to Keep Off the Grass

Try to avoid walking on your lawn if it is wet or frozen.

Your footsteps will crush the grass, result in black patches, and it won’t start to repair itself until spring.

Planning ahead for next winter, why not lay some stepping stones in spring?

This will allow you to access your shed, greenhouse and the like, during winter, without damaging the grass.

Care for Your Lawn and the Rest of Your Garden Too

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Although it’s only natural to focus more on our gardens during the spring and summer, don’t forget that wintertime usually means sales.

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