Top 5 Modern Garden Gates

What Makes A Gate Modern?

Modern garden gates have a range of styles and sizes, but their common characteristic is to feature bold, clean, straight lines in their design.

This doesn’t mean that modern gates are boring - far from it. Trellis and hit and miss styles still have a place in the contemporary garden, but old-fashioned intricacies and fussiness are out, replaced by greater simplicity and an increased sense of solidity.

Why Choose These Particular Modern Gates?

Our Top 5 Modern Garden Gates showcase a variety of styles but all of them have the following premium features:

a wooden side gate made from vertical tongue and groove boards

They’re Made from FSC®-certified Wood

Forget metal, plastic or any other material, modern garden gates should be exclusively made from timber. And, if they’re made from wood, it HAS to be ethically-sourced.

They’re Pressure Treated

All 5 of these garden gates are pressure treated for a longer life. Therefore, you don’t need to coat them in preservative or paint because there’s no danger of them rotting.

15-Year Guarantees

The manufacturers show complete confidence in their wooden gates by supplying all of them with a 15-year anti-rot guarantee.

Matching Fence Panels

A modern garden gate suits a variety of fence panels or can act as a standalone side gate. What sets these apart is that you can purchase matching fence panels for all of them, which is excellent news if you’re looking to replace your entire fence run.

Our Top 5 Contemporary Garden Gates

a modern, double slatted garden gate

1. Forest 3x6 Double Slatted Gate

Slatted fence panels and gates are all the rage, but this model adds a twist to that popular design.

It features rounded, horizontal slats mounted either side of vertical battens, which makes for a supremely strong and stylish gate, but one that facilitates a degree of natural light too.

a modern garden gate, especially designed to reduce noise pollution

2. Forest 3x6 Acoustic Noise Reduction Pressure Treated Side Entry Gate

This garden gate is scientifically proven to block out noise pollution, so not only does it sport a smart, contemporary style, it takes your garden one step closer to becoming a haven of peace and tranquillity.

a modern garden gate and matching fence panels, all with horizontal slats and vertical battens

3. Forest Europa 3x6 Pressure Treated Wooden Side Garden Gate

This wooden gate combines both beauty and brawn.

The smooth-planed boards are arranged either side of vertical battens, which results in an attractive, eye-catching appearance, whilst the mortise and tenon jointed framework ensures an exceptionally robust and durable structure.

an open garden gate, with a trellis top section and domed-shape top

4. Forest Paloma 3x6 Decorative Pressure Treated Garden Gate

We told you that trellis still has a place in the modern garden.

This garden gate features a similar main body to the Europa, but also includes a small trellis top section and a domed top edge.

Straight lines, no, but they are certainly bold, clean and modern.

a modern garden gate and matching fence panels, all with slatted tops

5. Forest Kyoto 3x6 Decorative Pressure Treated Wooden Gate

The Kyoto consists of horizontally-mounted slats on vertical battens, with a single-slatted top section.

It offers privacy, security, enhanced natural light and the best in contemporary style, so you get a win-win situation.

Modern Garden Gates for Sale

a 3x3 modern picket gate with a scalloped top and gaps between the vertical slats

As you can see, purchasing a modern garden gate can transform your fence run, as well as your overall garden design.

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When you buy from us, you know that your new garden gate won’t just look great, but that it will be made to the very highest standards too.