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  1. Maximum Fence Height in the UK & Regulations for Front Gardens [UPDATED]

    a low wooden hit and miss fence with a curved trellis top behind a garden chair and stool

    You are ready to build a new fence or replace an old one. There's an important question to ask: "How tall can my fence be?" Don't get caught out by planning officers and local councils. Read on to make sure you know the fencing rules.

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  2. Secure Fencing for Your Garden [UPDATED]

    brown fencing panels

    Have you ever thought of installing secure garden fencing? Well, if you never have, perhaps it is time to think again!

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  3. How to Treat a Wooden Fence with Paint or Stain? Guide to Treating a Fence [UPDATED]

    a run of dip treated wooden fencing

    What is the best method of treating wooden fences, is the best approach to paint or stain a fence? We provide all the answers you will need.

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  4. With Garden Products Like These, We Shouldn’t Just Be Famous for Fencing

    a wooden shed, greenhouse, summerhouse and decking kit

    Come and take a whistlestop tour of our website now, so you can see why we should be famous for more than just fencing…

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  5. How to Fix a Fence Post in Concrete: Tips for Concreting in Fence Posts [UPDATED]

    Concrete Fence Post and Gravel Boards in a run of Wooden fencing Panels

    Giving your fence additional strength by concreting in fence posts will ensure everything stays in place all year. So, get ready to lay a strong, long-lasting foundation for your fence by following our steps outlining how to fix a fence post in concrete.

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  6. How to Attach Garden Trellis to a Fence Panel or Wall [UPDATED]

    diamond lattice trellis fence topper atop a wooden fence panel

    No matter whether you are a DIYer or a newcomer, the process of attaching trellis to new or existing fencing is a satisfying project that can transform the look of your garden. Read on as we discuss how to attach trellis to a fence.

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  7. How to Extend the Height of a Fence & Make It Taller [UPDATED]

    a wooden garden fence with a trellis fence topper in front of a garden border full of green and white plants

    Add height to your garden fence for increased privacy and security. Find out how in this helpful blog.

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  8. How Deep to Dig for a Fence Post and What Size Posts for Your 6ft Fence [UPDATED]

    a run of pressure treated decorative fence panels complete with wooden fence posts

    A call our help team regularly receives is “How far down for fence posts should I go?” Well, there is no one answer as there are multiple factors to consider. Read on as we discuss this topic in detail, in relation to 6’ high fencing.

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  9. Front Garden Fence Ideas [UPDATED]

    6' x 3' Wooden Pale Picket Fence Panel

    After last summer’s project, your back garden now boasts a magnificent run of fencing. How about your front garden fencing though? A threadbare garden hedge that’s been there for as long as you can remember? Clearly, it is time for an upgrade!

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  10. 6 Super Ways to Get Your Kids Off Their Phones and Into the Garden

    a grandad pushing a boy on a trolley in the garden

    If you want your kids to enjoy the many benefits of spending time in the garden, but you’re struggling to get them interested, here are a few ideas to get you started…

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