The best garden fencing ideas

Fencing has to be practical and look great in the garden. And not just any garden – it has to be right for your own particular plot. Most fencing is used for screening. It might be hiding an ugly view, obscuring the neighbours or acting as a barrier to unwanted guests. Or even to stop winds from howling across a site. There are fencing options that marry practicality and beauty. Check out some different garden fencing ideas and advice below.

The best fencing for different uses

Solid fencing is the best for screening. It blocks as opposed to filters and when positioned carefully and even treated with a colour stain or paint, can either blend in or become a feature of a garden. Overlapping slats on panels allow water to run effortlessly down the panel and, when installed correctly, will last for years with minimal maintenance.

Fence panels with slats or louvres are superb at breaking a view but not causing a blockage. They filter both light and any winds making them perfect for a boundary between gardens (but only if your neighbours garden is worth gazing at). Light is an important consideration when putting up a fence - you can create areas of shade in what was otherwise a sunny garden, whether deliberately or accidentally. There are always plants to cope with shady conditions but it's worth bearing in mind if an area is already planted up - will the current plants be able to cope with less sunlight?

Security is important wherever you garden. Cross rails on the reverse of many panels can create a ladder-like structure for would be intruders. Put the fence up and ensure any rails are on the inside.

Fence panels can also be fitted to the tops of walls, and decorative panels can be added to existing panels. Decorative is the key word with soldier straight lines or undulating curves both adding to any exiting garden design. Remember to keep an eye, and tape measure, on how high your fence becomes with the addition of any trellis panelling. Once you start getting near 1.8m you may need to check out local planning regulations. It's also a great idea to chat with any neighbours who may be affected by your fencing handiwork.

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