What Fencing Accessories Do I Need?

Purchase some new fence panels and your garden boundaries will look infinitely better than the rows of unkempt, dying hedges and tatty, warped, broken panels doubtlessly inhabiting almost every street in the UK. But your boundaries could look better still, with a little help from some carefully considered fencing accessories.

Three different fence panels: traditional overlap, featheredge and contemporary double-sided, slatted panels

Fence Posts

Brand new panels will not look their best sandwiched between wonky, twisted, or cracked posts; be sure to invest in some high-quality fence posts. Not only will newer posts improve the structural integrity of your fencing run, adding strength, robustness, and durability, but, also, they’re guaranteed to look far superior than the ones that have been in the ground since you moved in 20 years ago.

There are two common types of fence post worth considering - concrete and wooden.

Concrete Fence Posts

-          Concrete fence posts are becoming increasingly popular – they’re heavy duty, immensely strong, and not prone to natural decay. Fence panels simply slide into the h-slots too; concrete posts are easy to use and install.

Wooden Fence Posts

-          The more traditional of the two options, wooden fence posts should definitely not be overlooked. Pressure treated, many wooden posts are guaranteed for a substantial 15 years against both rot and fungal decay. Obviously, they match well with wooden panels too, creating a seamless, natural garden boundary.

Both are great choices, either will work perfectly and both are immeasurably better than tatty old ones barely supporting their own weight.

An h-slotted concrete fence post and a standard, pressure treated wooden post

Fence Post Brackets

Clearly, if you choose to opt for h-slotted posts then fence post brackets and clips are unnecessary. However, to attach panels to standard wooden fence posts you will require either u-brackets or l-clips. Again, both work perfectly well, so which you choose is of little significance. Four brackets/clips per panel will do the trick – two on each side, of course, one near the top of the post and one near the bottom.

Black u-clip fence brackets and silver l-clips

Fence Post Spikes & Bases

Typically, installing fence posts is a laborious task. First, a hole needs digging, approximately 2ft deep, before the post can be placed within and the gaps filled with postcrete. Fence post spikes make the job much easier; once the post is secure, the spike slides into the ground and acts as an anchor, keeping the posts sturdy and upright.

Fence bases allow one to install a fence post on a solid surface such as paving slabs. The base holds the post in place, and can be secured into the slabs using proper masonry screws and a drill.

A black fence post spike and black fence post base

Gravel Boards

Next on our list of essential fencing accessories are gravel boards. Similarly to fence posts, both concrete and wooden options are available. And, as before, both are equally as effective.

The main purpose of gravel boards is to act as a barrier, protecting the bottom of fence panels from moisture on the ground. Without them, fence panels become more likely to suffer from premature rot and fungal decay. They also add a little bit of height to a fencing run too, boosting security and privacy.

A concrete gravel board and wooden gravel board, both in situ

Fence Toppers

Otherwise known as fence top trellis, fence toppers sit atop panels, and feature intricate, attractive trellis designs to add a little touch of style. A run of garden fencing, complete with fence toppers, is seriously impressive – a sight to behold.

A convex fence topper with square trellis, and a rectangular fence topper with diamond trellis

Finials & Post Caps

The last fencing accessories to discuss are finials and post caps. Both are similar, sitting atop fence posts, protecting them from weather damage. Plus, they look fantastic too.

Fence post caps are the simpler of the two, commonly cut into squares, whereas finials are more elaborate, and often shaped into spheres, or even acorns. They finish off a garden boundary superbly.

A square post cap, a ball finial and an acorn finial

Our list of essential fencing accessories is now complete; what did you think? Let us know in the comments section below. If you found this article helpful, please don’t forget to share it with your friends and family on social media.

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