Forest 6' x 6' Pressure Treated Contemporary Slatted Fence Panel (1.8m x 1.8m)

In the world of fencing, we have seen a huge boom in the number of home owners opting for slatted fence panels.

When you look at how gorgeous this contemporary fence panel style is, you'll understand why it is so popular and influential in modern garden design.

Minimalist? Simple? Classic? Modern? Definitely appealing.

The clean, horizontal straight lines are proving to be a big hit in gardens across the country. The most popular designs feature horizontal slats and double slatted fence panels.

An extra bonus is that this style of fencing is not only aesthetically pleasing but incredibly practical too.

Benefits of Slatted Fence Panels

A 5'11x5'11 slatted fence panel in a garden

Love Light

One of the downsides of conventional garden fencing is that it can block out natural light.

This prevents you from making the most of the sunshine and can also stunt plant growth.

Slatted fencing allows natural light to filter into the garden, benefitting both your family’s and plants’ well-being.

A 6x3 contemporary slatted fence panel

Allow Air Flow

Plants growing alongside a fence don’t always get optimum levels of aeration.

This can stunt their growth and spread disease.

Slatted fences not only permit natural light, they facilitate good air flow too.

A 5'11x3'11 slatted fence panel with wider gaps on the top section

Withstand Winds

Severe winds can damage conventional fence panels.

However, if the panel has a slatted design, the wind will pass through the gaps in the fence run, relieving pressure on the fence panel and decreasing the likelihood of damage.

A run of 5'11x5'11 double slatted fence panels

Still Offer Security and Privacy

The beauty of slatted fencing is that it still provides an element of privacy and security.

For a slight shift in emphasis from light and airflow to privacy and security, opt for fence panels with a double slatted design.

6x6 grey slatted fence panels

Sumptuous Style

Possibly the biggest selling point of slatted fencing is its appearance.

Clean, straight lines, with a fresh, contemporary style...what’s not to love about slatted panels?

A 3x6 double slatted gate

Add a matching slatted gate and complete your garden design.

The Influence of Slatted Fencing

The popularity of slatted fence panels has now influenced other areas of garden design.

A modular garden seating set, including bench, planter and slatted panels

Slatted Garden Furniture

For example, take a look at this stunning modular garden seating set.

With its understated elegance and simple slatted design, it is sure to suit any outdoor area.

And if your garden already has a slatted fence boundary, this modular seating set will complement it perfectly.

A wooden pergola, with slatted panels, above a wooden table and benches

Slatted Garden Features

This slatted pergola looks incredibly attractive in its own right, but imagine using the slats to support climbing plants.

Then you’d have a truly stunning garden feature.

A long wooden planter with a slatted design and wheels

Slatted Garden Planters

On a much smaller scale, the lovely straight lines of this planter continue the trend for minimalist, modern design.

A small, wooden, slatted logstore

Slatted Storage

Slatted garden storage doesn’t just look great, it has practical benefits too.

Take this logstore. Its slatted sides help promote good airflow, keeping your logs in prime condition to burn.

Slatted Fencing for Sale

A modular garden seating set, including planters, tables, chairs and slatted panels

Here at Buy Fencing Direct, we love slatted fencing.

Take a moment to view our superb range of slatted fence panels today. We even have co-ordinating slatted gates.

We’re sure you’ll find a slatted fence panel design that is perfect for your garden boundary.

Also, be sure to read our blog about why you should buy contemporary fence panels.